Who is Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the Guardian angel of NZ health?

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Who is Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the Guardian angel of NZ health?

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 Who is Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the Guardian angel of NZ health?
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  • Dr Ashley Bloomfield, a household name in the Kiwi healthcare is again on the forefront
  • Fighting the COVID-19 outbreak for the second time, he advises caution.
  • A decreasing number of cases on Tuesday is an indication that the disease is being contained.

Dr  Ashley Bloomfield, the Director General of Health, has become a household name in New Zealand for his excellent work in helping the government in controlling the COVID-19 outbreaks. Having become extremely famous amongst people of all age groups on various news and social media platforms, he has been applauded far and wide for his great contribution to handle the measures to check the outbreaks efficiently.

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With his work alongside the able leadership of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and support from other frontline workers in the general public alike, New Zealand was able to fight the global pandemic better than any other country in the world. With less than 3,000 registered cases and the death toll at 26, the country managed to eliminate the disease, while nations across the world are still struggling to control the same. Even the economy in the country recovered the quickest with unemployment rates being low and under control.

Cases dropping

After the cases of coronavirus reappeared in the country, there was an immediate level 4 lockdown imposed. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had stated that that was the only way of getting ahead of the disease and stopping the spread of the highly contagious Delta Variant. It was recently found that there has been a drop in the number of cases after the lockdown. While Sunday saw 83 new cases, Monday witnessed 53, and there have been 49 new cases reported on Tuesday, being the lowest in six days.

Dr Bloomfield is of the view that this rapid decrease in the number of cases is a sign that the public health measures taken by the country are helping in slowing down the virus. He further added that the reproduction rate of the disease in this particular outbreak seems low, which is an indication that the cases will decline further.

Is it over yet?

When asked whether it was time to celebrate the latest results? Bloomfield suggested to wait for a while because a prolonged duration of lowering results would mean that the disease was actually coming under control and that the country could get rid of it once again. What is alarming is that there are six cases of patients under the age of 1, which means nobody is really safe till they have been duly vaccinated besides following other safety protocols.

Bottom Line

Dr. Ashley Bloomfield is one of the primary frontliners fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. He continues to work ceaselessly to find means to control the disease and help safeguard the health of the people in the near future.


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