ARB Corporation Limited (ARB)

  • Dec 12, 2019 AEDT
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ARB Corporation Limited (ARB)

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ARB corp was founded in 1975 by Tony Brown. The idea of creating ARB corp came to him during his 4WDing trip through the top end of Australia.

The company changed the 4WDing landscape which was earlier dependent on homemade equipment, that was an ill fit for extreme adventures which were tremendously punishing on vehicles. Tony’s years of expertise on his Series 1 Land Rover finally led him to create well-engineered, durable equipment for which the 4WDers owners had been waiting.

Started from Tony’s garage in Melbourne, today, ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories with an international presence, in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, and exporting to more than 100 countries around the globe. Till this time, their philosophy had been the same– quality, reliability and practicality above all else.

Research and Development

ARB is a company that is driven by technology such as CAM parametric modeling, CAD, and finite element analysis packages. The RnD department is supported for special projects such as vibration, strength and crash testing by an independent team of researchers and innovators.

As a Quality Endorsed Company, ARB aims at getting products that meet the stringent quality parameters. In addition, their team is constantly aims at strategizing ways to improve the business practices, to deliver better customer service.

Manufacturing capabilities

As an innovation front-runner, ARB operates on the technologically advanced, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and machinery.

The demand for complex designs are met through foremost Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) sheet fabrication facilities. The manufacturing operations are armed with cutting-edge machinery which include CNC bending, machining and turning laser cutting, brake pressing, and guillotining.

The stringent quality control systems ensure that high quality standards are maintained through automation systems creating  finest 4WD accessories in the world.

Product Range

Bull bars & protection equipment

Bull bars are important to travel in rural and remote areas as they provide protection to the delicate  machinery  from animal attacks  while providing mount to  accessories like driving lights,CB antennas and  winches.

ARB bars are designed not only to provide maximum protection to the vehicle, but also to enhance the appearance of the vehicle.

ARB produces a number of different bars ranging from stylish bars for deluxe and Sahara models to more functional industrial bars, as well as smaller SUVs .

Drawers & Cargo solution

Perfect for weekend adventures or extreme trails, ARB’s drawer and cargo solutions will keep your things safely and keep everything organised for you on your journey. The featured sleek design, high quality components, and fully customised tailored goods are the solution to all your travel needs.

They also provide services organising services that will put all your goods in a way that will maximise your space for your next adventure.


If you are looking for flexible storage solution that fits your need, whether work or play then ARB canopies are the answer. These canopies are made to increase the security for the cargo, available in a wide range that  suits even the customised requirements and enhance aesthetic appeal along with utility.

These canopies are built for harsh environment in UV stable ABS thermoplastic, making them durable storage solution.

UTE lid and tub accessories

This is a product is an  alternative to a traditional canopy these UTE lids are designed to seamless integration between your vehicle. The range includes the Ute Rails & Sport Lid, Tailgate Assist and UTE liners, all the products are designed to keep your cargo safe and secure.

Safari Snorkels

These innovative automotive snorkels and 4WD performance systems are designed with extensive research and development, known for its quality and durability the range offers attention to detail in every system.

The recreational and commercial range is created with extensive research and development with  rigorous testing so that  the customer gets only the best.

Portable fridge freezers

An answer to all the inconvenience of coolers, ARB fridge freezers are designed for extreme conditions and can perform -18 degrees to + 10 degrees celsius. These freezing solutions are extensively tested on off road and adventurous trails, compatible with boat, car, caravan and camper trailer and comes with a three year warranty.

ARB offers two range in portable fridge freezers:

“Elements” which has rugged stainless steel and weatherproof exterior with a gas strut assisted lid and has an electronic 4-digit pin lock.

“Classic Range” that was the first model in ARB’s  portable fridge freezers range and has  capacity ranging from 35 to 78 litres.

Air Lockers

Air lockers are designed to  provide locking differentials and can be activated with one switch  at any speed.

These Air Lockers can be used in competitive off roading challenges and can dominate the

toughest roads in any  events. ARB manufactures its AIR Lockers in Melbourne, Australia.

Air compressors and tyre accessories

The ARB’s  range of air compressors will fit your every off roading need from supporting air tools to  activating Air Lockers. These innovative compressors are designed  to withstand  the harshest trails and are well tested under heavy load.

The compressors come with a  2 year warranty and are also rebuildable.

Old Man EMU 4X4 Suspension

This most trusted off roading brand was purchased by ARB purchased in 1988. They develop products that withstand the harshest 4WD environments, with comfort and safety. Supplying customised suspension to  over 200 popular 4WD vehicles, it manufactures suspension, springs and shocks components.

Along with the above products, ARB also offers a range of rooftop tents, roof racks, fuel tanks, driving lights, batteries, recovery equipment, and general accessories.

ARB  also provide an off road racing series platform, the event is a place for every off roading enthusiast. It is a perfect launch pad budding drivers, where spectators can have action packed fun with their friends and family.

Also, if you are interested in learning the sport then there are also 8 classes available.

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