BNTC & DLPN: 2 Growth Stocks To Watch Out This Week

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BNTC & DLPN: 2 Growth Stocks To Watch Out This Week

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 BNTC & DLPN: 2 Growth Stocks To Watch Out This Week

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Benitec Biopharma (BNTC:US or NASDAQ: BNTC) stock zoomed over 190 per cent yesterday as Morgan Stanley bought 5.2 per cent stake in the Australian pharma company. The company has also reported a successful interim results from its ongoing BB-301 study, a genetic transduction therapy. 

On the other hand, stocks of content marketing firm Dolphin Entertainment Inc. (DLPN:US or NASDAQ: DLPN) rocketed by a massive 236.33 per cent after stating that it has entered the emerging non-fungible token (NFT) market by signing a partnership with Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company (HOFV:US or NASDAQ: HOFV).

Let us take a detailed look at these two rising stocks’ price performances: 

Benitec Biopharma (BNTC:US or NASDAQ: BNTC)


The company develops treatment primarily for infectious diseases and orphan disease programs through its technology-backed research and development operations. Its current price is C$ 9.26 per stock.

The company went public on the NASDAQ exchange in April 2020. Its one-year return is over 94 per cent. Morgan Stanley’s equity investment could help extend its rally and hit the 52-week high of US$ 17.38 per piece.

Benitec Biopharma's One-Year Stock Performance Chart. (Source: Refinitiv)

The stock traded with a high volume of 124.59 million shares against its total listed shares of 4.818 million. Its year-to-date growth has spiked by 208.66 per cent.


Dolphin Entertainment Inc. (DLPN:US or NASDAQ: DLPN)


The company has partnered with Hall of Fame Resort, a diversified media firm, to offer its sports and entertainment content NFTs to fans. It could be a win-win partnership for both content creators due to the ongoing NFT craze.

Dolphin’s one-day volume increased to 176.78 million shares yesterday, versus total issued shares of 6.56 million. The stock was rallying over 63 per cent during pre-market hours on Wednesday Morning.

Dolphin Entertainment's One-Year Stock Performance Chart. (Source: Refinitiv)

Its previous closed price was US$ 18.33 per share, up 47.23 per cent against its 52-week high of US$ 12.45 per piece (registered on Jun 4, 2020). It has ballooned by 840 per cent in one year, overriding the NASDAQ Composite Index that has relatively increased by 387.54 per cent.

As Dolphin Entertainment has joined the NFT league, investors could compare its growth journey with other NFT stocks, including Takung Art, Jiayin Group, and its new partner Hall of Fame Resort.


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