Telo Genomics Corp (TSXV:TELO)


Telo Genomics Corp is a biotech and medical company that provides software to predicts the disease's nature.

The company’s predictive technology provides insights into personalized treatment options and aids in better management of an individual-specific disease condition.

In addition, it provides non-invasive diagnostic applications and related technologies for treatment of neurological diseases and oncology. Liquid biopsies interest medical practitioners as it is less invasive and easily replicated than conventional diagnostic applications, the medical company claims.

Telo Genomics is engaged in the production of high-quality products to improve services and maintains patient health. It caters to diversified needs of drug companies, healthcare practitioners, clinicians, academic researchers, etc.

3-D Telomere Technology

The company through its principal Telomere Technology facilities in maintaining stability and integrity of cell division, regulating its structure and providing safety to the entire genome.

The company says that loss of Telomere leads to cancer and neurodegenerative diseases (CNS), reduces cell growth and makes the genome unstable. The region where a chromosome ends is known as Telomere.

The three-dimensional (3D) technology provides non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic applications and solutions in oncology and neurological diseases to prevents the formation of genomic irregularity and cancer.

The TeloView® technology measures the genomic instability by using high resolution microscopes and fluorescent markers to accurately predict and visualize the instability.

The company also provides TeloView® analysis and a personalized report that guide and inform treatment route. The software was developed by the company and validated by CIMTEC, a Canadian imaging software developer. This software prepares a report that highlights the nature of disease, its stage, rate of progression and how it will react to patient’s therapy. It concentrates on non-invasive applications, including blood, urine, saliva etc. The biotech company says that the non-invasive methods are accessible and affordable in comparison to tissue biopsies.
The workflow under the TeloView® software consists of following steps:
• Sample Accession
• 3D Telemore immune-FISH
• 3D image acquisition
• Teloview analysis
• Personalized Teloview lab reports

The Toronto-based company was founded by Dr. Sabine Mai in 2014. Formerly, the company was known as 3D Signatures Inc till its rebranding in 2019.

The company also provides treatment solutions for plasma cell cancer, known as Multiple Myeloma. Plasma cells develop antibodies to fight infection and plays a crucial role in developing the individual’s adaptive immune response. A patient with Multiple Myeloma will have uncontrollable plasma cells.

Telo-MM software provides information to medical professionals regarding Multiple Myeloma treatment, Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer.

Contact Information

company address MaRS Centre, South Tower 101 College Street, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario Canada, M5G 1L7

company phone416-673-8487

company email[email protected]

company website

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