Cloud DX Inc. (TSXV:CDX)


Cloud DX Inc. is a North American healthcare technology company operating in the regulated digital healthcare industry. The company provides virtual health products and service solutions that enable health professionals to monitor and manage the health condition of their patients.

Cloud DX Inc. is a public corporation listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada, with its common shares trading under the ticker symbol CDX. The healthcare provider also lists and trades its common stock on the OTCQB Market under the ticker CDXFF.

The Brooklyn, New York-based company utilizes algorithm-based biopharmaceutical engineering and device architecture systems with global ISO certified quality guidelines to form clinical-grade consumer healthcare device solutions. The company innovates and develops remote monitoring equipment, software, and mobile applications to advance the healthcare sector.

The product portfolio of the company includes:

Reimbursement -- Cloud DX provides Bundled Pricing-Pay As You BillTM that provides billing services for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management.

Devices -- it provides an FDA-approved Connected Health Kit, Pulsewave Health Monitor, i.e., clinical-grade wrist cuff comfort data, and Android tablet health software.

The company provides mobile applications to improve patient engagement and clinical dashboards for workflow optimization. The healthcare software by the company integrates electronic medical records.

This EMR system integration is featured with push, pull and sync options. It facilitates the interoperability standards such as HL7/FHIR.

Many healthcare institutions (including private and public hospitals) and clinics are utilizing the remote patient monitoring technology by Cloud DX for multiple chronic diseases, such as COPD, CHF, and diabetes. The company finances its research and development operation from:

• NGen

• Government of Canada

• Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

• Roddenberry Foundation

• Roche

• Qualcomm Foundation

• Digital Technology Supercluster

• New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

• Ontario Centre of Excellence

• Ontario – Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategies

• NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program


The company works in partnership with numerous organizations from different business sectors like: Zoom, Talent LMS, UNB, University of Manitoba, University of Calgary, University of Arkansas, UC San Diego, INS, Faurecia, STARS (research partner), Curatio, Pivot, Cortex Design Inc., Stanford Engineering, UHN, STAR Analytical Services, Symbient Product Development, PortaScience, Dayon, McMaster University, Population Health Research Institute, Sheridan, Microsoft and MaRS.

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company address 20 Jay Street, Unit 834 Brooklyn, New York 11201

company phone888-543-0944

company email[email protected]

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