Perpetua Resources Corp (TSX:PPTA)


Perpetua Resources Corp (TSX: PPTA) is engaged in acquiring, developing, and exploring mining properties in Canada and internationally.

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, the company focuses on the redevelopment and restoration of gold mining projects. In addition, it is presently focused on redeveloping the Stibnite Gold Project in Idaho, the United States.

It is dually listed on NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock quote of ‘PPTA’.

The mining company claims that its team of experts and professionals are engaged in the discovery of minerals at the Stibnite Gold Project site.

By restoring the site and mining activities at the Stibnite Gold Project, the US-based company aims to generate funds for environmental preservation.

The mining company further claims that aquatic animal life and water quality have been impacted due to extensive soil erosion and sediment run-off.

The mining activities at the Idaho-based project site commercially commenced in 1899.

Between 1900-1930, multiple companies operated in the Stibnite’s Yellow Pine mining district. However, the mining at the Yellow Pine pit commenced in 1938.

The company, formerly known as Midas Gold Corporation, reportedly became the first firm to research and study the Stibnite Gold Project. The company rebranded itself as Perpetua Resources Corp in 2021.

The mining company claims that restoring the Stibnite Gold Project will create employment opportunities for citizens of Idaho and contribute to the growth of the regional, state and national economy.

The mineral exploration company aims to redevelop low-cost gold projects and create long-term generating value for its shareholders.

In May 2021, the company signed an agreement with the United States Antimony Corporation (NYSE: UAMY) to reportedly study the potential for the gold project’s antimony concentrates at the latter’s facilities.

Antinomy is reportedly one of the 35 officially designated critical minerals, which can be used in green energy, technology and national defense sectors.

China, Tajikistan and Russia reportedly supply nearly 90 per cent of the metal for global production.

Antimony is a strategic critical mineral resource used in the production of armor-piercing bullets, infrared sensors, night vision goggles and laser sighting.

Contact Information

company address 13181 Highway 55 | PO Box 429 Donnelly, Idaho 83615

company phone208-901-3060

company email[email protected]


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