Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TSX:ASP)


Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation, founded in 2008, is a fully integrated specialty company developing men’s health products.

The development company’s core product, NATESTO, is a testosterone therapy used to treat adult males with hypogonadism.

The pharmaceutical corporation develops and commercializes products related to men’s health and leverages its expertise in technology to grow its brands through product growth and acquiring related products.

The specialty firm is focused on promoting and developing its novel nasal spray platform through various partnerships and licensing agreements.

In April 1, 2021, Acerus purchased the remaining rights to NATESTO from Aytu BioScience. Aytu Bioscience, a US-based firm, shared the rights to the product with the company under a 2019 agreement. However, on May 10, 2020, the pharma company partnered with Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc to co-promote its core product in the United States.

Acerus Pharmaceuticals’ current focus is on developing and commercialization of late-stage pharmaceutical and commercial products related to urology and endocrinology therapeutics across North America.

Acerus considers NATESTO as its specialty game-changing product for men which has proven to be effective for 90 per cent of men in regulating their testosterone levels to normal levels, reportedly.

The specialty pharmaceutical company claims that around 14 million men suffer from hypogonadism and in 2020 more than 7.5 million prescriptions were written for testosterone.

It claims owing to these figures, its NATESTO candidate has a significant cash flow potential.

Acerus claims to leverage the advantage of its product, NATESTO Nasal spray, in comparison to injections, gels, patches, and orals. It says that the product has high efficacy and does not increase Hematocrit, does not decrease the sperm count and poses no risk of transfer. In addition, it claims that the product is convenient to use as compared to other competing solutions like injections and gels.

The pharmaceutical company has conducted and participated in several patient preference questionnaire, wherein the results for its products were satisfactory.

Contact Information

company address 7025 Langer Drive Suite 205 Mississauga, Ontario L5N 0E8

company phone289 326-5789

company email[email protected]

company website

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