Top News Of The Day || Federal Government To Increase Family Tax Benefit?

Top News of the Day:

• Firstly in from the Federal budget some good news for young families.. On Monday it was confirmed that there would be an increase to family tax benefit payments for families with three children. With the cost of living increasing due to Covid-19 these families will now receive an additional $226 additionally. The increase is set to begin July 1 2021 and will affect Family tax benefit payments A and B. This is the first time since 2009 that the family tax benefit has been increased, as the federal government says it is dedicated to helping families to recover after the Covid-19 downturn.

• The NSW state government has requested an additional purpose built quarantine facility to take pressure off the existing hotel quarantine system. NSW has shown interest in this type of facility as the federal government is due to support Victoria during their new cluster of virus infections by building a fit for purpose quarantine facility in Avalon VIC just outside of Melbourne.

• Now some disturbing news from Australia’s largest airline QANTAS having links to organised crime.. After a recent investigation run by channel nine’s 60 Minutes program, reports have emerged that organised crime may be infiltrating the AUstralia’s airline QANTAS. A spokesperson for QANTAS says they are deeply concerned about this news and that they have written to Australian federal police and the Criminal Intelligence Commission requesting more information.

• Out of Australia’s 443 industries, common ownership has been identified in 49, this makes up a third of Australia’s total industry revenue. This includes supermarkets, telecommunications, packaging, airlines, cinema chains even commercial television. It has been found that in at least a fifth of Australia’s industries the largest two firms were in control of what has equated to somewhere near half the market share.

• Melbourne’s covid-19 cluster has only reported 2 new locally acquired cases this morning. It is hoped that if these statistics continue in the low numbers that the easing of strict circuit breaker lock down measures will be on the cards, as the end of the 2nd week of restrictions approaches on Thursday.





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