The Economic Corner || Which Is The First New Treatment For The Alzheimer’s Disease?

This is The Economic Corner show - where we update you on all the biggest global economic announcements.

• We finally have the first new treatment for the Alzheimer’s disease. US regulators have approved a drug developed by Biogen despite a rancorous scientific debate over whether the medicine even works. The US Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved aduca-num-ab, an intravenous infusion that will cost $56,000 for a yearly course.

• Amazon Chief - Jeff Bezos plans to become one of the first civilians in space next month. He said that he will be taking Blue Origin’s first human flight just two weeks after stepping down as Amazon’s chief executive.

• Moving on to the latest news on G7 minimum global tax deal. Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso praised the G7 minimum global tax deal, adding that it has raised the momentum for a wider deal among the G20 major economies.

• Amid China’s growing rivalry with the U.S, Chinese lawmakers are making progress on legislation to retaliate for foreign sanctions. The official Shinwa News Agency reported late on Monday that the National People’s Congress committee filed the second draft of legislation aimed at countering sanctions imposed by foreign government.





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