Hey Travel Lovers! Here’s How You Can Explore Your Own Backyards

We cannot deny that the COVID-19 pandemic initially threw the Australian travel industry out of gear amid border restrictions placed to contain the virus spread. After overseas travel screeched to a halt, the travel industry suffered a multi-billion-dollar loss of revenue, threatening the industry like never before. At a time when there is nothing usual about travelling overseas with border restrictions in place, may be its time for holidaymakers to march to a different drummer.

While visiting New Zealand is an option with the recently executed Trans-Tasman travel bubble, Aussies can also make their vacations memorable by exploring some domestic travel options. But before you get the car in gear, it is important to ensure appropriate health and safety standards to enjoy your road trip safely. Cleaning high-touch car surfaces with disinfectants, carrying hygiene supplies, avoiding large group travels, packing home-cooked meals and maintaining social distancing seem instrumental towards having a seamless journey.

From a visit to Sydney’s Bondi Beach to snorkelling and scuba diving at Cook Island Aquatic Reserve, there are plenty of options to choose from for visitors. While fishing, boating and other aquatic activities are open in most areas across the nation, following all requirements and advice of local communities and land councils appear to be of utmost importance.

Besides, reading up on local regulations and rules, maintaining physical distance, carrying your own beach gear, and refraining from using public restrooms as much as possible are some of the safer ways to relish the beauty of aquatic adventures.





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