Five ASX penny stocks with double-digit returns in July


  • Penny stocks are quite risky as most of these stock are junk stocks with almost non-existent business or questionable sustainability of the business.
  • Penny stocks could also turn to multibaggers fairly quickly if there is a turnaround in the business.
  • ADA, GCE, MAD are some of the penny stocks under a dollar, that have delivered a return over 10% in the last one month.

Penny stocks usually remain in the limelight due to their excessive volatility. Investors love buying penny stocks as they are capable of generating quick gains in a fairly short amount of time. However, these stocks are also quite risky as most of these are junk stocks having almost non-existent business or questionable sustainability of the business.

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Also, if these stocks are picked well in time with careful due diligence, they have the capability to turn into multibaggers in no time. But hardly a few of many are able to achieve this feat.

However, there are a few penny stocks that have managed to fare decently. Let’s have a look at a five such penny stocks that have delivered a double-digit return in the last one month. (However, before taking a plunge, it is a must to do thorough research.)

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  1. Adacel Technologies Limited (ASX:ADA)

Adacel Technologies has a strong foothold in the traffic management industry. Very recently, the company has been awarded with a new contract from the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), worth US$3.6 million. Under the contract, the company would be upgrading the air traffic management (ATM) system of the SCAA.


The Penny Picks || 5 penny stocks that delivered lucrative returns in July 2021


The company is expected to take around two years to completely upgrade the old ATM system. The ADA share price last closed at AU$1 on 30 July 2021, delivering a return of 10.9% in the last one month.   

  1. Coronado Global Resources Inc. (ASX:CRN)

Coronado Global Resources produces and markets a wide range of Met coals and owns mines and other developmental projects in Australia. Recently the company announced its quarterly performance for the period ended June 2021, stating its successful completion a Longwall move at Buchanan mine.

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The company was also able to complete a US$550 million refinancing package providing the company with better financial stability. The CRN share price closed at AU$0.99 on 30 July 2021, delivering a massive gain of 22.1%.

  1. Zebit Inc. (ASX:ZBT)

Zebit is a US-based e-Commerce company, aiming to change the lives of millions of credit-challenged people by providing access to a wide range of products along with instalments facility. The company clocked a revenue of AU$29.2 million in Q2 FY21, up by a massive 190.5% or AU$19.2 million, over AU$10 million garnered in Q2 FY20.

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During the quarter, the company piloted its first national and local television campaigns, which would be expanded in Q3 FY21. The ZBT share price last closed at AU$0.99, generating a 10.7% gain in the last one month.

  1. Mader Group Limited (ASX:MAD)

Mader Group has a niche in providing provisions heavy infrastructure and equipment maintenance labour. In the June 2021 quarter, the company posted a record revenue of AU$86.4 million, up by 24% over the previous corresponding period. It was also able to achieve sustainable profit margins, which were primarily protected from labour market conditions.

The company closed FY21 with a total revenue of AU$304 million and expects the same outperformance in FY22. The MAD share price last closed at AU$0.97 and has delivered 14.7% return in the last 30 days. 

  1. Recce Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX:RCE)

Recce Pharmaceuticals has a market capitalisation of AU$165 million and it is one of the leading players to address global health problems. The company ended June 2021 quarter with a cash balance of AU$20.87 million and successfully registered its Phase I/II Topical Burns Study with the Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry.

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During the quarter, the company further advanced its SARS-CoV-2 studies, completing Stage 1B. The RCE share price delivered a return of 11.2% in the last month and closed the session at AU$0.95 on 30 July 2021.

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