10 hot consumer stocks under $1


  • The consumer staples/discretionary industry is considered to be a defensive sector.
  • Usually, consumer stocks tend to fare well irrespective of economy’s condition, thanks to consistent demand.
  • Nuchev Limited, Youfoods Holdings and Pure Foods Tasmania are few of the consumer stocks that cost less than a dollar.

When you go shopping, there are things that are necessary, and then there are things that are nice to have. Both these forms of demand are fulfilled by the consumer staples/discretionary industry. This sector is generally considered to be a defensive sector as, these companies tend to do well in both a rising economy and a stagnant economy.

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Below are a few stocks that fulfil this consistent demand and are priced less than a dollar, making it relatively cheap on the pocket. However, these penny stocks are quite risky and investors need to do their own due diligence before taking the plunge.

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  1. Nuchev Limited (ASX:NUC)

Nuchev sells goat milk-based nutritional products in Australia and China. The company sells its entire product lineup through three channels: retailers, wholesalers, and e-commerce platforms. The company is currently valued at around AU$27.68 million, and its share price is trading at AU$0.55.

  1. Clean Seas Seafood Limited (ASX:CSS)

Clean Seas Seafood is an AU$86.58 million company which has a strong foothold in the aquaculture industry in Australia and across the globe. The company operates via its two segments, Finfish Sales and Tuna Operations. The company is also undertake research and development activities for the aquaculture production of southern Bluefin tuna. The CSS share price is quoting at AU$0.54.

  1. Simonds Group Limited (ASX:SIO)

An AU$83.24 million company, Simonds Group, is in the business of providing homebuilder and registered training services across Australia. It operates through various segments such as Registered Training, Residential Construction and Development segments. It also operates display homes in South Australia and Australian eastern seaboard; develops and sells residential land contracts designs and constructs residential dwellings. The SIO share price is trading at AU$0.58. 


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  1. Australian Vintage Limited (ASX:AVG)

Australian Vintage produces, packages and distributes wine across Australia, and other international markets such as the United Kingdom, North America, Europe, Asia etc. The company distributes its wines through sales channels such as retail, wholesale, and distributor channels, as well as through regional outlets. It offers its wine under popular brands such as Nepenthe, McGuigan Wines, and Tempus Two. The AVG share price is trading at AU$0.77.

  1. Wide Open Agriculture Limited (ASX:WOA)

Wide Open Agriculture is a regenerative food and farming business, having its operations across Australia. It produces grass-fed, and regenerative lamb and beef under the brand of Dirty Clean Food, making in increasing retail and online sales. Apart from the core business, it also invests in, owns, and manages farmland management business. In addition, it also engages in the production of carbon-neutral oat milk products and hemp. The WOA share price is trading at AU$0.795.

  1. Youfoodz Holdings Limited (ASX:YFZ)

Youfoodz Holdings, incorporated in 2012, is engaged in the preparation and delivery distribution of protein-packed snacks, ready-made meals and cold-pressed juices direct to residents and to stockists across Australia.

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Its products include various snacks, meals and drinks. The company has a market capitalisation of AU$123.1 million, and its share price is trading at AU$0.92.

  1. Michael Hill International Limited (ASX:MHJ)

Michael Hill International owns retail jewellery stores and provides related services in three countries: New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The company operates its stores under the brand names of Michael Hill and Emma & Roe. It also provides customer finance services professional care plans and operates Emma & Roe and Michael Hill e-commerce sites. The MHJ share price is trading at AU$0.905.

  1. Pure Foods Tasmania Limited (ASX:PFT)

Pure Foods Tasmania has a growing food business in Australia. The company operates through two segments namely: Woodbridge Smokehouse and Tasmanian Pate. It sells smoked salmon and trout products under the Woodbridge Smokehouse brand and pate products under the Tasmanian Pate brand. The PFT share price is trading at AU$0.63.

  1. Betmakers Technology Group Limited (ASX:BET)

Betmakers Technology Group is in the business of developing and providing data and analytics products for the domestic B2B wagering market in Australia.

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The company also provides Price Manager, a fixed-odds pricing solution for operators, apart from offering services such as managed trading solution for bookmakers, race-book and data feeds. The BET share price is trading at AU$0.905.

  1. Farms Pride Foods Limited (ASX:FRM)

Farm Pride Foods is in the busines of grading, packaging, and distribution of eggs and egg products across Australia. The company offers farm fresh, free range, barn laid eggs. It provides egg products as well, which include egg white, whole eggs, egg yolk, etc. The company serves retail, industrial, and food service sectors. The FRM share price is trading at AU$0.415.

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