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Oneok Inc, pronounced as ONE-OAK, is considered as one of the leading midstream service providers in the United States.

The company’s head office is located in Oklahoma, United States. The public company was originally founded in 1960 and operated as an intrastate natural gas pipeline business under the name of Oklahoma Natural Gas company.

Today, the midstream services firm claims to have a presence across the United States and connects prolific supply basin with key market centers, including Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Rocky Mountain, Oklahoma, Williston, etc.

It is a diversified energy company involved in natural gas liquids refining, fractionation, and processing activities.

The Natural Gas Liquids segment operates and owns facilities that fractionate, distribute, gather, and treat natural gas liquids and related products. NGLs are group of hydrocarbons that contains different components like propane, normal butane, ethane, iso-butane, and natural gasoline.

All the NGLs that is separated from the natural gas at the gas processing plant remains in an un-fractioned and mixed form. The company’s natural gas liquid segment owns 9,130 miles of gathered pipelines across the system, eight natural gas liquids fractionators are combined with 920,000 barrels per day along with operating capacity.

The midstream service company operates through 4,350 miles of distribution pipelines and has a storage facility with an estimated 30 million barrels of capacity. The various ONEOK hydrocarbon services and products are ONEOK Hydrocarbon LP, Natural Gas Liquids, LPG marketing, NGL marketing, etc.

The American firm claims that core capabilities include processing, gathering, transporting, storing, marketing and fractionating NGLs and natural gas with the help of vertical integration across all the midstream value chain for providing the customers a premium service along with generating sustainable and consistent earnings growth. The subsidiaries of the company are Northern Border Partners LP, ONEOK Hydrocarbon LP, Oneok Foundation Inc, Oneok North System LLC, Viking Gas Transmission Co, Oneok Services Co, Oneok NGL Pipelines LLC, and ONEOK Field Services Co LLC.

Contact Information

company address 100 West Fifth Street, Tulsa, OK 74103

company phone1-918-588-7000


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