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Crown Castle International Corp is a leading provider of communication infrastructure.

The company operates, leases, and owns infrastructure and towers for wireless communications entities across Australia and the United States.

The US-based company entered the business in 1994 with a portfolio of 133 cell towers. The company became a listed real estate investment trust in 2014.

The property portfolio comprises over 40,000 towers and approximately 80,000 miles of fiber connection.

The real estate investment trust provides infrastructure solutions to clients in different sectors, including government, healthcare, energy, public safety, utilities, etc. Crown Castle International Corp provides various wireless solutions, including small cells and towers.

The portfolio of fiber solutions consists of dark fiber, wavelength, internet access, colocation, private networks, ethernet, etc.

Further, the listed REIT also provides added fiber network solutions such as:
• cloud connect
• DDoS Defense
• Managed security
• Fixed wireless
• Ultra-Low Latency
• optical encryption
• video transport

The company claims to focus on new opportunities by improving connectivity and focusing on scalability, speed, performance and enhanced wireless access.

Crown Castle International Corp company claims to provide end-to-end solutions for over 100 technology companies through its network of assets and strategic partnerships.

Dark fiber is reportedly a high-capacity network solution majorly used by customers who require complete reliability, uninterrupted connection, unlimited bandwidth, and complete service control. In addition, the company provides a wide range of connectivity options ranging from complex multi-site designs to individual strands reportedly.

Crown Castle also operates a digital inventory management system.

CCIsites™ is a patented platform that reportedly provides site location, industry-leading analysis and online application tracking services. Additionally, the platform reportedly provides data services to over 235,000 non-crown and crown castle assets across the United States.

The American company conducts its business through various subsidiaries, including:
• Pinnacle Towers LLC
• Global Signal GP LLC
• Crown Atlantic Co LLC
• Crown Castle LLC
• Global Signal Acquisition LLC
• CC Towers guarantor LLC
• Pinnnacle Towers Acquisitions Holdings LLC
• Crown Castle Atlantic LLC

Contact Information

company address 1220 Augusta Drive Suite 600 Houston, TX 77057 United States

company phone1-713-570-3000

company email[email protected]


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