Alcoa Corporation (NYSE:AA)


Alcoa Corporation (NYSE:AA) is an American industrial company primarily dealing with the development and production of Aluminum. The company mainly focuses on the production of alumina, aluminum and bauxite.

The aluminum producer manages its operations through its different units according to the type of products, such as the Bauxite unit, Alumina unit, and Aluminum unit.

Bauxite Segment

The company deals with the mining operations of bauxite through this unit. This unit is solely comprised of the development, extraction, and production-related activities of bauxite from the mines.

Alumina Section

This segment deals with the refining process of bauxite into alumina globally

Aluminum Segment

The firm deals with the smelting and casting operations, and production of primary aluminum through this unit.

The primary aluminum is produced in a liquid or molten state through the smelting process, and then through the casting process, the molten aluminum is then converted either into foundry slabs or into industrial valued stick products like a rod, billet, slabs, etc.

The company claims to have its business in more than 10 countries with over 28 operating facilities.

Alcoa Corporation is reportedly one of the most significant bauxite mining companies in the world and operates exceptional alumina refining system with a well facilitate smelting plants.

Alcoa Corporation’s portfolio of energy assets in the United States, Brazil and Canada.

The aluminum producer claims to generate approximately half of its total revenue from its operations in the international market.

Alcoa Corporation generally deals with the upstream operations of its parent company Alcoa Inc.

The Pittsburgh-based company was founded on July 9, 1886, and incorporated in 2016 by Charles Martin Hall.

The company’s stocks trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol 'AA'. It is also among the Russel 1000 index.

Alcoa Corporation was reportedly among Fortune 500 companies in 2020.

The Pittsburgh-based company claimed to among the Best Employers for Diversity 2021 and Canada's Best Employers 2020.

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company address "201 Isabella Street, Suite 500, Pi201 Isabella Street Suite 500 Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5858 United Statesttsburgh, Pennsylvania"

company phone412-992-5450

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