Msci Inc (NYSE:MSCI)


MSCI INC, a publicly listed firm, provides actionable tools and solutions for investment decisions.

The company, founded in 1969, is domiciled in New York, the United States. The fintech firm provides various decision tools for investment purposes.

The company provides investment solutions for return, risks, indices, and analytics used in managing various kinds of investment portfolios. The firm’s stocks are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker of ‘MSCI’.

The company operates in the tech services industry and caters to a diverse group of clients, including asset managers, banks, wealth managers, and asset owners.

The portfolio of solutions includes Analytics, Climate Investing, ESG Investing, Index, Real Estate Investing.

The company claims to be in the market for over 50 years and provides critical decision support services and tools for customers engaged in the investment across the globe. Through its expertise in the area of research, the finance company claims to provide better investment decisions, data and technology. In addition, it helps the clients to analyze and understand the key drivers of return and risk, which in return to build an efficient and effective portfolio.

It creates research-enhanced solutions that are reportedly used by the clients to gain insights and as well as improve transparency in the investment process.

The company claims that its team consists of experienced executives and employees from different backgrounds like consulting, brokerage, private equity, banking and technology. The New York-based company is investing in various industries having exposure to cutting edge technologies and hyper cloud scale for empowering clients in building better portfolios and solving unique investment challenges.

The American finance company provides seamless access that involves unique and new sources of models, technology and data.

Through its rapid onboarding solution platform, the company provides metering, servicing, billing and personalization solutions.

The integrated financial solutions provider operates in association with several firms, including MSCI KFT, Financial Engineering Associates Inc, Barra International LTD, Barra Consult Ltd, MSCI Inc Research Division, MSCI Scot 1 LP, MSCI Holdings LLC, MSCI Barra SA, MSCI Limited, and Investment Performance Objective Pty Limited.

Contact Information

company address 7 World Trade Centre 250 Greenwich Street, 49th FI New York, NY 1000.

company phone1-212-804-3900


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