Strong US dollar spurs global currency war to curb inflation

Global race to boost individual currencies to combat inflation will unleash a mayhem in world economy.

Why is The Sandbox (SAND) crypto rising?

SAND token moved up 12.26% on Thursday.

Why is Cloud platform Storj (STORJ) crypto rising? Know details

Storj claims to offer speed and a new standard of permanence to NFTs, whereas other pinning services use centralized service or decentralized platforms.

HOPR crypto price is soaring: Is it gaining attention due to Coinbase?

HOPR is managed by its community and backers as opposed to being under the control of a single corporation.

2 NFT cryptos to keep a tab on as eBay acquires KnownOrigin

The KnownOrigin marketplace was recently purchased by e-commerce giant eBay. This event might help SuperRare and Rarible to gain attention.

Crypto Catch: Australian government announces major crypto tax decision

The Australian government has announced a major decision to let cryptocurrency continue to be taxed as Capital Gains Tax, meaning it will be excluded from foreign currency tax arrangements.

What is the link between KnownOrigin, NFT marketplace and eBay?

eBay has purchased an NFT marketplace KnownOrigin for a yet-to-be-disclosed amount.

NFT Corner: Coach’s NFT drop; Keanu Reeves to help NFT artists

It is being reported that actor Keanu Reeves is also contemplating entering the world of the metaverse and digital collectibles

Wall Street recoils after Powell hints at recession; AAPL, MSFT fall

Major US indexes edged lower on Wednesday, June 22, after Fed Chair Jerome Powell told a Congressional panel that as a soft landing is difficult, a recession is possible, throwing investors on the mat.,The S&P 500 fell 0.13%, to 3759.89. The Dow Jones Ind...

Powell hints at possible recession as soft landing is 'challenging'

Highlights,:,Fed Reserve chair Jerome Powell said a recession is a probability as a soft landing is difficult.,The Central Bank chair said steep rate hikes are justified to rein in inflation.,Similar rate hikes of up to 75 basis points likely in July.,In ...