Will RFOX crypto rise again like its peers?

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Will RFOX crypto rise again like its peers?

 Will RFOX crypto rise again like its peers?
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  • RedFox crypto (RFOX) aims to create an innovative and scalable solutions that unlocks the potential of emerging technology.
  • The RFOX crypto aims to build, launch and scale high-growth internet companies for Southeast Asia’s emerging markets. 

RFOX, which is ranked 268 on CoinMarketCap was trading at US $0.270739 with a trading volume of US $12,804,374.

RedFox crypto (RFOX) focusses on providing innovative and scalable solutions to maximise the potential of emerging technology. Developed by RedFox Labs, the Vietnamese-based RFOX dubs itself as ‘Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder'.

Launched in May this year, the RFOX operates on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, it provides solution to companies who are seeking to revolutionise the way they interact with the users.

Will RFOX crypto rise again like its peers?

On 30 November, RFOX was seeing massive interest from the investors following its completion of the Beta launch of the NFT game KOGs. KOGs is Keys to Other Games are a form of collectible that are tradable and acts as an in-game currency of the RFOX.

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With this, the users can unlock skins and various other tournament platforms including that of the metaverse virtual reality. The BETA announcement had pushed RFOX up and had registered gains of 12.49% on Tuesday. However, it soon fizzled out as it is back to red zone on Wednesday and was down by 12.41%

What makes RFOX unique?

With the growth of AI, augmented reality, metaverse, cryptos such as The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, all have seen a massive spike in recent times. RFOX had largely been subdued before this recent rally but has managed to grab the attention of the investors.

Co-founded by Ben Fairbank, the RFOX crypto holders an easy access to participate in farming and staking of the token. Besides, the holders are eligible for rewards. RFOX, in fact, wants to create a platform which would offer the users to play, create and earn in an immersive metaverse. The users stand to gain benefit from the rewards, which are generated from the RedFOX Lab’s RVOX VALT project.

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Why to invest in RFOX?

Metaverse games has gained massive popularity and has in fact been dubbed as the future of gaming. Many gamers today are finding a unique way to not only play, but also earn in the process.

The RFOX crypto is no different. In fact, RFOX, which is ranked 268 on CoinMarketCap was trading at US $0.270739 with a trading volume of US $12,804,374. RFOX currently has a fully diluted market cap of US $541,675,220 with a circulating supply of circulating supply of 1,312,000,760 RFOX coins. 

Experts predict that RFOX has the right systems in place for it to grow in the coming years. They predict that RFOX could grow by 73% in the coming year and could touch US$170 by 2026. 


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