Schroder Japan Growth Fund plc is a UK-based investment company, which offers investment opportunities in the Japanese stock market. It was found in the year 1994, and its headquarters are situated in London, United Kingdom. The company is listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange. Its investment objective is to create a diversified portfolio of high-quality securities that are listed on the Japanese stock market, with the aim of maximising the long-term risk adjusted income and capital growth returns. The goal is that the growth should be in excess to the TSE First Section Total Return Index in sterling. The investment manager of Schroder Japan Growth Fund plc is Schroder Unit Trusts Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial conduct authority). It is an authorised unit trust manager, an ISA (Individual Savings Account) plan manager, and an authorised corporate director. It offers investment opportunities are offered via 12 investment trusts across 3 ranges, which are UK, Asia, and the real estate sectors which draw on the company’s global investment resources.

The company uses its substantial research resources in Japan for actively managing the assets. In the past 5 years, the revenue per shares has increased over more than 2.5 times (Source: Schroders as at 31 January 2020). The investment portfolio of the company consists of the companies that are quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japanese over the counter (OTC) market, as well as the regional markets of Hiroshima, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto, and Sapporo. Companies that have an exposure to the economy of Japan or are listed on other stock exchanges but being controlled from Japan, can also be added to the portfolio. The investments can be made across companies belonging to all sectors, and there is no size limit for the companies. This flexibility allows the manager to exploit the profitable market opportunities based on the economic cycle and changes in the market sentiments. Equities constitute a major part of the portfolio, but investments can also be made in convertibles, warrants, and other derivative instruments. Additionally, there is an upper limit of 5% on the investments that can be made in companies that are not listed on any stock exchange. But this can only happen if the manager is anticipating that the shares of these companies will soon be listed on the Japanese stock market.

Schroder Japan Growth Fund plc follows a well-defined framework of corporate governance and aligns itself with the UK Corporate Governance Code. It has an ethical code of conduct for running its business operations and promotes a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability. Apart from fulfilling all its corporate responsibilities, the company also fulfils its environmental and social responsibilities. It has a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework in place and complies with international best practices and guidelines to create a sustainable business. It aligns its business activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and since 2020, it is also committed to the UN Global Compact, increasing its focus on 4 key areas, which are labor, environment, human rights, and anti-corruption. It aims to minimize the impact of its business activities on the environment and create long-term value for the business as well as the wider community.

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company address Schroder Japan Growth Fund plc 1 London Wall Place LONDON EC2Y 5AU United Kingdom GBR

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