Oxford Instruments (LON:OXIG)


Oxford Instruments is an international company that produces technology tools, products, and systems for companies across various industries as well as for the scientific research communities. The company was founded in the year 1959 and its headquarters are in Oxfordshire, England. The company is based in the UK, but it operates across Europe, USA, and Asia. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange publicly and comes under the FTSE 250 index. It has many subsidiaries, which include Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, Omniprobe, Inc., Andor Technology, Asylum Research Corporation, and Medical Imaging Resources, Inc. etc.

Its main goal is to provide support to its customers in fighting with a variety of challenges that the world is facing today, by contributing to the creation of a cleaner and greener economy, building, and maintaining connectivity, and improving the health and safety of people, and build scientific understanding.

The operations of the company can be classified into two segments: Nanotechnology Tools and Nanotechnology Services. The Nanotechnology Tools segment is involved in the production of technology products and tools for the research communities in both private as well as public sectors.

On the other hand, the Nanotechnology Service Segment is involved in services offered by the company, like rental service, overhaul, and sale of existing assets etc. It delivers business solutions to its customers using NanoAnalysis, which is used in manipulation of samples at the Nano scale and is used for characterisation of materials. In research and academic institutions, the products of Oxford Instruments are used on electron microscopes and ion-beam systems. In companies across various industries, it offers application-based services for renewable energy and utility, mining and metallurgy, forensics, and semiconductors. Its product groups include AZtec, Ultim detectors, OmniProbe, nanomanipulation, Semicon etc. It provides technology solutions covering a range of applications, including agriculture and food, automotive and aerospace, bio imaging and life sciences, chemicals and catalysts, energy generation and storage, geology, mineralogy and petrology, metals alloys, composites, and ceramics etc.

The company follows a well-defined framework of corporate governance and aligns itself with an ethical code of conducts for running its business operations. It promotes a culture of transparency, trust, accountability, and inclusion. The company is committed to maximise returns for all its stakeholders while creating long-term value for the society. It follows strict policies regarding modern slavery, human rights, anti-bribery and corruption, health and safety, business malpractices etc.

It incorporates sustainability as an integral part of its business model and tries to fulfil all its environmental and social responsibilities in addition to its corporate responsibilities. It strives to come up with sustainable business solutions using the latest technology while reducing its environmental footprint and helping the wider community.

Contact Information

company address Oxford Instruments PLC Tubney Woods ABINGDON OX13 5QX United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 186 539 3200

company websitehttps://www.oxinst.com/

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