Oakley Capital Investments Limited is a close-ended investment company that mainly invests in mid-market private equity funds in the European market. The company was founded in the year 2007 and its headquarters are situated in Bermuda. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange publicly. Being a Specialist Fund Segment listed investment vehicle, the company aims at providing the maximum risk-adjusted returns for all the stakeholders, which are over and above the FTSE All-share returns. These high and consistent returns are achieved in the long-term through investments in private equity, which promises opportunities for growth in value and performance. Buyouts are the focus of the differentiated model of the company which is based on private equity investments, and these buyouts are carried out by mainly exploiting the opportunities in technology-based services, software services, and digital platforms. The investment adviser of the company is Oakley Capital Limited.

It gives key priority to building a high-quality diversified portfolio which consists of mainly European companies. This distinctive strategy of the company has helped it in building a strong investment portfolio with around 25-30% of growth in earnings of the businesses in it. This helps in increasing the income and capital growth of shareholders in the long-run, and the strategy of the company has been fruitful as the shareholder returns for 10 years were 112% in comparison with the FTSE All-share return of 72%. The sectors in which the investments are made include education, consumer, and technology.

The company employs a highly experienced and qualified workforce that uses its financial expertise to study the market trends and helps in exploiting the profitable investment opportunities and creating value for the business and the investors. It has a huge and robust network of entrepreneurs, that is consistently growing due to recurrent partnerships and agreements with well-established businesses that themselves invest in the company and provide it with growth opportunities.  

Oakley Capital Investments Limited has a well-defined framework of corporate governance and it aligns itself with the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) Code of Corporate Governance. It also follows an ethical code of conduct for running its business operations. The company promotes a culture of trust, transparency, accountability, diversity, and inclusion. Apart from fulfilling its corporate responsibilities, it also gives due consideration to its social and environmental responsibilities and has a comprehensive ESG framework incorporated in its business model. It focuses on responsible investments and strives for resilient and sustainable business solutions that help in generating enhanced value for the society. It has been a signatory to the United Nations sponsored Principles for Responsible Investment and is working towards the implementations of its principles in line with its business objectives since 2016.

Contact Information

company address Mintflower Place 3rd Floor 8 Par-la-Ville HM 08 Bermuda

company phone+1.441.5426330

company websitehttps://oakleycapitalinvestments.com/

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