Future plc is a UK-based global media company founded by Chris Anderson in 1985 and its first magazine was Amstrad Action. Today, Future Plc has a portfolio of more than 80 brands. Future plc aims to connect people to their passion in various fields by offering them with high-quality content, knowledge, expertise, innovative technology, and excellent experience that the future shares with its customers.

The company provides a range of commercial solutions to its partners such as Falcon, Advertising solutions, Future Fusion, Digital Licensing, Content Licensing and Syndication, Endorsement Licensing, and Sales & Distribution. The company continuously looks for opportunities to grow and expand organically and through strategically acquiring already existing potential businesses to optimize the revenue streams though high margin digital advertising and ecommerce functionality. Its content reaches to 1 in 3 people in UK and US. Future PLC got listed on London stock exchange in 1999 as LON: FUTR and in 2019 entered the FTSE 250 index.

The group’s business model is divided into Global, Divisional and Vertical. The global division is subdivided into two geographies of US and UK. The company offers services like Editorial, Video products, Advertising sales, websites, videos, newsletters, and magazines in US. The US market contributes 49% of company’s revenue and 57% of organic revenue, the largest part of B2B content and operations are located in the US.

In the UK, majority of its print magazines are produced and houses the company’s licensing operations which expedite content distribution in 37 countries for print and online publications. Further, it monetizes all the online audience outside of the US and Canada. UK market contributes 43% of company’s organic revenue and 51% of total revenue. 

The group has two offices each in the US and UK, and one office each in France and Australia. The divisional segment is subdivided into Media division and Magazine division. The Media division includes CRM, platform as a service, Ecommerce & lead gen, Advertising, Content publishing & licensing, Events & Integrated marketing, Membership & subs. The Magazine division includes Advertising, Content publishing & licensing, CRM, Platform as a service, Newstrade and Membership & subs. The Vertical division is subdivided into Passions, living and B2B. The passion segment creates communities related to Homes & gardens, Sports, Knowledge & wellness, music, photography and design, Gaming & entertainment, and tech specialist. The living segment creates communities related to Women’s lifestyle, Real life, TV & film, Country lifestyle and tech lifestyle.

Contact Information

company address Quay House, The Ambury, Bath, BA1 1UA, United Kingdom

company phone+44.1225.442244

company websitehttp://www.futureplc.com

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