Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust (LON:DNE)


Founded in 1973, Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust is a UK-based investment trust that specialises in the provision of private equity finance for management buying, management buyouts and growing businesses. Its main aim is to conduct an orderly realization of its assets, to be effected in a manner that seeks to achieve a balance between maximizing the value of its investments and progressively returning cash to shareholders. The company primarily invests in UK’s lower mid-market management buyouts with an enterprise value of around £20m to £100m. The company invests in unlisted businesses through private equity funds managed by Dunedin LLP or directly.  The company invests in Automotive, Financial services, Consumer products & services, Industrials and support services across UK and rest of Europe. The company’s shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange since 1987 as LON: DNE

The company is an Alternative Investment Fund under the RU’s Alternative Investment Fund Manager’ Directive and it has appointed Dunedin LLP as its Alternative Investment Fund Manger. The manger manages three limited partnership funds and a European fund of funds, its funds include Dunedin Buyout Fund II, Dunedin Buyout Fund II, Equity Harvest Fund and Third party managed.  The company may not make any new investment however it can make investment in businesses through direct investment in order to preserve the value of such investments, invest may also be made to honour commitments to funds under existing contractual arrangements and it may invest realized cash in liquid cash-equivalent securities such as government bonds, short-term corporate bonds, bank cash or cash funds deposits pending its return to shareholders.

Maximum 10% of its total assets may be invested in a single cash equivalent instrument or places on deposit with any single business, but this limit do not apply for government bonds.  The company may also use gearing to limit risk, up to £20 million of borrowed funds or, if less, 20% of its NAV and financial gearing should not be more than 40% of gross asset value.  Further it will not invest in other listed closed-end investment funds.

Contact Information

company address Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace EH1 2EN United Kingdom

company phone+44.131.2256699

company websitehttp://www.dunedinenterprise.com/

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