Chemring Group Plc (LON:CHG)


UK-based Chemring Group Plc was founded in 1905 as Foreign & Colonial Automatic Light Controlling Company Ltd., which was engaged in manufacturing and installing key equipment needed to transform street lighting from gas to electricity in the UK. At present, Chemring is a leading supplier of innovative solutions to aerospace, defence, and security markets located in the UK, the US, Australia, and Norway and exports its products and services across the world.  The group aims to deliver high value and growth by operating in markets where they have differentiators such as niche technology and high barrier to entry by continuously innovating to make the world safer place for its customers with its high-tech sensors, information, countermeasures, and energetic solutions.

The group provides a range of products and services to meet customers’ needs through its subsidiaries that are Roke, Chemring Sensors & Electronic Systems, Chemring Technology Solutions, Chemring Countermeasures UK, Chemring Countermeasures USA, Chemring Australia, Chemring Energetic Devices, Chemring Energetics UK and Chemring Nobel.

The group operates through two major divisions that are Sensors & Information and Countermeasures & Energetics. Sensors & Information is engaged in providing advice, engineering design, research, and solutions for challenges from its products and services that are operating across commercial, national security and defence sectors and aims to deliver competitive advantage, safety, assets and secrets and advantage against adversaries. Its offers products such as Electronic Warfare, Chemical & Biological Detection, Explosive Hazard Detection and Innovation, technology, and data science.

The Countermeasures & Energetics segment is a leader in design, development and manufacturing of countermeasures and countermeasure suites for safeguarding land, sea and air from the increasing threat of guided missiles by deeply understanding platform signatures, missile seekers and chemical formation for the development of innovative technology to be deployed against threats, it offers a range of products and services, which includes Advanced Flares, Conventional flares, special material decoys, Chaff, CENTURION, Naval countermeasures, space launch initiators and release mechanisms, aircraft safety components, Missile and Electronics, Explosive materials, Breaching and Demolition, Pyromechanisms and Extruded double base (EDB) propellants.

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