Biotech Growth Trust is an externally managed investment company which focuses on the global biotechnology industry with a motive of capital appreciation. The trust maintains a diversified portfolio of shares and related securities to reduce risk and enhance return by investing in the global biotechnology companies, it majors its performance against its benchmark, NASDAQ Biotechnology Index. The trust has been approved by HN Revenue & Customs as an investment trust as a result it is not liable for taxation on the capital gains. The trust’s shares are listed on the premium segment of the official list and traded on the main market of the London Stock Exchange as LON: BIOG.

The trust has appointed OrbiMed Capital LLC as its Portfolio manager, Frostrow Capital LLP as its Alternative investment fund manager (AIFM), J.P.Morgan Europe limited as its Depositary and J.P.Morgan Securities LLC as its Custodian and prime Broker. The trust does not have any executive directors, employees or internal operations. Its portfolio manager is based in New York and employs 80 experienced investment professionals; it uses bottom-up approach to select the stocks that are based on financial analysis, exhaustive scientific review and board, physicians and other industry expert consultation.


The trust has imposed various investment restriction and limits to manage risk via positioning size limits and geographic diversification, it include; it can invest maximum 10% of value of its gross assets in other closed ended investment companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange, except where the investment companies can only invest maximum 15% of its gross assets in the LSE-listed, close-ended investment companies; it can’t invest more than 15% of its gross assets in other close ended investment companies; to maintain liquidity the trust at the time of acquisition it can only invest maximum of 15% of its gross assets in individual stocks; limiting exposure of its portfolio in unquoted securities to 10% of its gross assets at the time of acquisition; the trust can’t exceed its borrowing to more than 20% of its net assets. The trust can invest indirectly through swaps when the direct investment in any country is restricted but it can’t exceed 5% of its gross assets. The trust do not declare any dividend during the year as it aims to achieve capital gain and if any, the dividend paid are in small amount.

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company address 25 Southampton Buildings WC2A 1AL United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.30084910

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