Based in London, Ashmore is an investment management group founded in 1992 as part of the Australia and New Zealand banking group. In 1999, it got separated and started operating independently. The group offers a range of investment themes in blended debt, local currency, corporate debt, equities, overlay/liquidity, external debt, multi-assets and alternatives in the emerging markets. The company got listed on London Stock Exchange in 2006 and is a part of the FTSE 250. The asset under management is worth US$89.9 billion as in March 2021.

Ashmore believes in active management of its portfolios with main focus on asset liquidity, extracting superior information, constant analysis and follow value-driven strategies to achieve above average return with low volatility. The Ashmore principal goal is to achieve superior investment returns for its customers and shareholders.  

Under its portfolios, the external debt theme invests in dollar-denominated sovereign and quasi sovereign bonds that are issued in emerging countries across the world. The local currency theme invests in local currencies and local currency bonds in emerging markets since mid-90s and major part of the local currency bond (80%) are owned by the local institutional investors. 

The corporate debt theme invests in the debt instruments of public and private companies of emerging markets since 2007. Blended debt theme is the combination of external debt, local currency, and corporate debt theme, which strategically allocate funds to encourage return with low risk. Equity theme strategically invests on equity and equity-related assets across the world.

The alternatives theme invests in private equity, real estate, infrastructure, healthcare, distress debts in emerging markets.  With the overlay/ liquidity facilities, investors can invest funds actively or passively in currency to reduce the volatility and can manage them effectively and efficiently. The multi-asset theme is actively managed to take the most advantage of the opportunities in the market for high returns and diversification of the portfolio that allocates fund across the emerging market investment universe.

Ashmore has been recognised by major rating agencies like S&P and Lipper for its services.  Ashmore has a team of 300 employees, which includes 98 investment professionals, 33 global income fixed team, 31 global equity team and 34 local asset management and alternatives teams in 11 offices worldwide. Ashmore operates in New York, Ireland, Singapore, and Tokyo and is trying build up local asset management platforms in Colombia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, and Indonesia.

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