Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (TSXV:YFI)


Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc is a hardware technology company that develops and markets advanced wireless technologies for the communication sector.

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange and trades its common stocks under the symbol ‘YFI’. The hardware company is also listed on the OTCQB Market in the United States with ‘KPIFF’ as the ticker.

Edgewater Wireless Systems implements spectrum slicing with its silicon solution that results in a unique physical channel and leads to the next level of wireless technology.

The Ottawa-based company is focused on developing the Wi-Fi.
or wireless infrastructure through numerous patented technologies under MCSRTM and NGAP (Next Generation Access Point), which includes:
• Dual Channel Wi-Fi, when powered with MCSR technology, enhances air-time utilization by eliminating the AP.

• Powerzoning, when combined with MCSR Silicon solutions, increases the density of an area and enables latency-sensitive applications such as VOIP, media player, wireless keyboard or mouse, to offer quality services.

• Wideband SSATM with MCSR technology provides all-around Rf surveillance, including microwave ovens, frequency hoppers, wireless phones, Bluetooth etc.

The company offers several wireless products and technology powered by MCSR:

• AERA3 3
• AERA4 4
• AERA6 6
• EAP3030 3
• EAP3031 4
• EAP3033 6

In addition to these products, Edgewater Wireless Systems offers innovative hardware solutions to diverse group of customers, including:

• aera™ Access Points enhances the potential and working of wireless networks.

• MCSRTM Silicon Solutions includes Edgewater Wireless Development Kit, MCSR radio card and drivers, and Mesh High-Density technology (MESHTM).

• MCSRTM Patent Licensing

The technology and application partners of the company are RaGaPa, Aptilo Network, Galgus and Nomadix. In addition, its diversified channel of distribution partners includes companies like Wireless Republic, Optima Networks and WCS.

The firm claims that its patented Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing technique enables various concurrent channels of receive and transmit within a same coverage area. In addition, it says that its technology is deployed in both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands and claims to deliver next generation Wi-Fi.

Contact Information

company address 408 Churchill Avenue North Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 5C6

company phone613 271-3710

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://edgewaterwireless.com/

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