Lite Access Technologies Inc. (TSXV:LTE)


Lite Access Technologies Inc, founded in 2004, is engaged in offering fiber optic technologies to different industrial verticals.

The company’s clientele base includes cities, public and private deployments, municipalities, indigenous communities and FFTx.

The tech firm specializes in providing end-to-end broadband fiber connectivity to support an efficient communication network worldwide.

The company claims to do micro and narrow trenching to install fiber-optic cables without disrupting the infrastructure. Micro-ducts are placed into a trench in existing concrete, asphalt, modular, block paved or soft infrastructure.

The company says that micro trenching is considered as an affordable and non-invasive cost-effective method for municipalities requiring shallow installations. In hard deployments, micro trenching needs a depth of more than 30 centimeter and for soft infrastructure 25 centimeters.

The tech firm takes into account the pre-defined municipality standards before initiating micro-trenching on any site.

For Utility installations and fiber applications, it offers narrow trenching, a deeper and more wider installation process, that requires six to 15 centimeter of trench width.

Lite Access Technologies offers fiber optic cable blowing and splicing services through its ETA certified team of experts reportedly. It says that the modern technology ensures optimal performance of client’s networks as it upgrades the systems with best industry tools and procedures.

Lite Access provides long haul commercial splicing and testing, blowing fiber, single mode ribbon fiber optic cable, OTDR Testing and trouble shooting and remote location expertise services.

In addition to these services, it provides ploughing, an economical solution when Micro-ducts need to be installed along a soft ground. The TSXV-listed firm says that the process is essential in rural areas where terrain needs continuous installation of pre-populated micro ducts.

The company offers its micro-ducts in two forms, steel and fiberglass reinforced.

Lite Access claims that it provides its proprietary fiber optics products with aluminum wrap that increases the tensile strength and traceability. The products’ application includes projects related to connectivity to cell towers and mobile network providers.

Lite claims to manufacture low fire hazardous products.

Contact Information

company address 20108 Logan Ave, Langley, BC Canada, V3A 4L6

company phone1-604-247-4704

company email[email protected]

company website

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