Altan Nevada Minerals Limited (TSX:ANE)


Altan Nevada Minerals Limited (TSX: ANE) is a mining company that explores, develops and acquires base metal and precious properties in North America.

The company primarily focuses on copper-gold and copper projects in Nevada’s Walker Lane trend.

The metals and mining firm claims that world’s significant gold-copper mining districts are centered in Nevada. Apart from the Walker Lane, the two other promising belt consists of Carlin trend and the Cortez trend.

The firm further claims that between 1835 and 2018, the three Nevada-based belts produced nearly 170 million ounces of gold. From the Comstock Lode discovery in Walker Lane, the company estimates reserves of up to 8.5 million ounces of gold and approximately 400 million ounces of silver. In addition to the discovery, the belt consists of Pumpkin Hollow Copper Mine and Anaconda Copper mine.

Since 2007, the gold-copper producer claims to have discovered 90 prospects and targets in Nevada. The company reportedly focuses on developing shareholder value and returns through its exploration programs.

The diversified property portfolio consists of the following:
• Marble Station project
• Venus project
• Montelle
• Yellow Cone

Venus Project, located in Nevada, consists of 111 unpatented mining claims.

Pumpkin Hollow Copper mine consists of proven and probable reserves with a grading 0.45 per cent of copper (Cu) and 0.058 g/ton of gold (Au). The mine consists of magnetite, chalcopyrite, tactites formation placed near granodiorite/diorite intrusive, the metal and mining firm claims.

Atlan claims to have organized rock sampling study in gold telluride veins along the northern border and south zone of copper granitic dikes at the property.

Marble Station

It is a gold-copper quartz vein system owned by Yerington-stage granodiorite. Through this project, the firm primarily explores high-grade gold deposits and copper mineralization. It consists of 50 mining claims covered in 1,032 acres.

Altan Nevada has a 100 per cent stake in the Nevada-based property.

Montelle Project

The project is located 28 kilometers to west-NW of Hawthorne region in Nevada. The early stage gold project consists of veins and structures bearing gold.

Yellow Cone project

The 5600-acre project hosts copper-gold-silver systems and consists of 280 unpatented mining claims, the firm claims. The newly acquired project is located in south-central Nevada’s Nye County.

Contact Information

company address John LC Jones AM Level 2, 2 Richardson Street West Perth

company phone61 322-1788

company email[email protected]

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