Think Research Corporation (TSXV:THNK)


Think Research Corporation manufactures clinical content and tools. It offers knowledge-based digital health software solutions for the health care industry in Canada, the US, United Kingdom, European Union, Middle East and worldwide.

The company uses health knowledge so that each patient can get good care. Think Research’s evidence-based healthcare technology services favor the clinical decision-making process, best care practices, and improve patient results.

The company delivers cloud-based EMR-diagnostic digital tools that have positively impacted clinicians and millions of patients globally. Think Research delivers various solutions through channels such as primary physician care, acute care hospitals, individualized medication management, spotlight analysis, surgical suites and community and seniors care.

It is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and was founded in 2006 by Dr. Chris O’Connor. The company has extended the growth of products through its diversified network of clients, collaborators and partners. The family of companies include Healthcare Medical Centre, MD Brief Case and Clinic 360.

The company’s product includes Covid-19 tools, Order Sets, support tools for seniors, eForms, eReferrrals, Progress Notes and VirtualCare. The company’s tools help patients in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers virtual care, modular workflows and ironclad security.

The virtual assistance of physician visits help minimizes the Covid-19 effect by keeping patients and care-home residents out of hospitals and clinics. In addition, it protects the residents and staff by providing virtual assistance.

Order Sets designs clinical pathways and help clinicians to make the essential decisions efficiently and effectively. It offers outstanding patient-centered solutions comprising the latest evidence-based COVID-19 best practices. It delivers evidence-based clinical knowledge that provides care.

Progress Notes is a cloud-based solution that consists of best-practice in clinical modules, which depicts how to diagnose, treat, and prognosticate for a patient. It helps the clinician team document all the patient information in a digital form and share it with all team members.

Thus, digital information saves time for clinicians and makes it easy to document patient information on a single note. In addition, it helps to find information about the patients in the easiest way possible. It helps in documenting workflow and improves the overall quality of work and care by providing patients' medical history.

eReferrals is an easy application that delivers quick services to physicians in finding information related to referring specialists directly from most EMR systems.

eForms replaces outdated paperwork by providing a digital solution to capture information. It offers digital signature capture, sharing, and form review and simplifies senior workflows. It minimizes completion time and error rates.

Contact Information

company address 351 King St E #500 Toronto, ON, M5A 0L6

company phone416-977-1955

company email[email protected]

company website

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