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Chimeric Therapeutics Limited (ASX:CHM)

Clinical-stage oncology player Chimeric Therapeutics Limited (ASX:CHM) is developing revolutionary CAR-T cell therapies for the management of solid cancers. The Company’s CAR T cell therapy uses the chlorotoxin (CLTX) peptide as the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) tumour recognition domain. Besides, Chimeric has established potent antitumor activity against the most challenging form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma (GBM).

The CLTX-CAR-T technology includes a novel CAR-T recognition domain, CLTX, that is derived from the poison of a scorpion. Currently, the Company is performing Phase 1 clinical studies in GBM at the City of Hope Cancer Centre in Los Angeles, California.

Chimeric Therapeutics is working to become a leader in cell therapy and develop life-transforming treatments. The Company believes that cellular therapies have the potential to cure cancer, and the Company will be able to bring the promise of cell therapy to life for more patients by combining their expertise in cell therapies with the world’s most innovative scientists.

Chimeric has licensed the exclusive global intellectual property (IP) rights for the CLTX CAR T cell therapy, currently under development for patients suffering from progressive and recurrent GBM.

CLTX CAR T cell therapy is also being investigated for the treatment of other solid tumours like colorectal cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, and small cell lung cancer.

Chimeric’s CLTX CAR T therapy

The CLTX CAR T cell therapy is possibly a best-in-class therapy that has the potential to address the high unmet need of recurrent/progressive GBM patients. The study for developing the IP covering the CLTX CAR T cell therapy was performed at City of Hope.

CLTX CAR T cells have shown significant antitumor action against GBM in preclinical studies without exhibiting any off-tumour identification of normal human cells and tissues. The findings of preclinical studies reveal a potentially ideal safety and efficacy profile of the therapy.

Currently, Chimeric Therapeutics is actively engaged in developing its product pipeline with pioneering cell therapies to treat different types of cancer.

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company address Level 3, 62 Lygon Street, CARLTON SOUTH, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3053

company phone+61 3 98245254

company email[email protected]

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