Founded in 1990 by a team of four, Xaar Plc is a UK-based world’s leading independent manufacturer of piezo-based drop-on-demand inkjet technologies. The company is engaged in designing and manufacturing printheads which are more economical, efficient and productive and supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and User Developer Integrators (UDIs). Its technology is used in an extensive range of manufacturing applications such as 3D Printing, Coding & Marking, Direct-to-shape, Glass, Labelling, Product Printing, Packaging, Graphics, Functional Fluid Deposition, Décor and Ceramics. Since 1997, the company’s shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange as LON: XAR.

In September 2020, the company lunched ImagineX printhead platform. It printheads manufacturing facilities are located in Huntingdon, UK and exports more than 95% of printheads to customers globally. The company operates through three major business divisions that include Prinheads, Product Print Systems and 3D printing. The Prinheads division is engaged in designing, manufacturing, marketing and sales of prinheads and related products, its products include Xaar Nitrox, Xaar 2002, Xaar 1003C, Xaar 2001+ C, Xaar 2001+ U, Xaar 1003 U, Xaar 1003 AMx, Xaar 1003 Amp, Xaar 501, Xaar 502 0, Xaar 502 S and Xaar 128. Its leading technology includes ZaarDOT, TF Technology, AcuDrp Technology, High Laydown Technology, Ultra High Viscosity, Tuned Acuator Manufacturing and ZaarSMART. 

The Product Print Systems division is engaged in printing all kinds of industrial and promotional objects, its Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) is a leader in the industrial products marking machine sector, offering highly automated machines, accessories and related services and support. Its product include XD-360° Cylindrical Inkjet Printer, KP-KE Analogue Systems – Pneumatic Driven and Servo-Driven machines and F-Jet24 and Bottle Jet Digital Multi-Pass Scanning Systems. The 3D Printing division is an engaged in developing 3D printing solutions backed by Xaar3D SAF technology, which addresses new market especially in manufacturing. Xaar3D can leverage the natural synergies with investment from the company and Staratasys, between world’s leaders in inkjet technology and 3D printing technology. The company’s System Components includes Xaar XUSB Drive Electronics, Xaar Midas Ink Supply System, Xaar 2001+ Head Personality Card, Xaar Head Personality Card 3, Inkjet Development System, Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System and Xaar Print Manager (XPM).

Contact Information

company address 316 Science Park, Milton Road CB4 0XR United Kingdom

company phone+44.1223.423663

company websitehttps://www.xaar.com

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