JP Morgan Elect Plc was incorporated in 1999 as an investment trust, which provides investment flexibility by offering three share classes choices to its investor, each with different investment policies, objectives and investment portfolio and it is traded on separately on the London Stock Exchange. The trust was formerly known as JP Morgan Fleming Managed Growth Plc from 2002 to 2004 and in 2004 it again rebranded itself to JPMorgan Fleming Elect plc with the merger of JPMorgan Fleming managed growth plc and JPMorgan Fleming Managed Income plc. Then in 2006 it was renamed as JPMorgan Elect Plc. 

The trust is a member of the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) and had employed JPMorgan Fund Limited as the alternative investment fund manager and further it delegated the responsibility to management the trust portfolio to JPMorgan Asset Management Limited. The trust provides flexibility to manage investment strategy, Choice of investment in three options depending on investor’s goal and investor can switch between the three options in a tax- efficient ways.

The three options that the trust offers are: Managed Growth, Managed Income and Managed Cash. The Managed Growth option provides long-term capital growth opportunities to investors through its internationally diversified portfolio invested in investment trusts and open-ended funds, its benchmark is 50% FTSE All-Share Index and 50% FTSE world Index (excluding UK).

Further, its portfolio cannot invest more than 10% of its gross assets in any company without board approval than itself may invest more than 15% of the gross assets in UK traded investment companies, investment in open-ended fund can’t exceed 25% of the market capital of the investee fund, investment in third- party can invest maximum of 40% of the portfolio’s gross assets.

The managed income option aims to invest in UK’s Equities to deliver growing income return with long term capital growth, its benchmark is FTSE All-Share Index. The number of investments in its portfolio range between 50 and 80 and may invest in fixed income securities and open-ended funds. According to its investment policy, it can’t invest more than 10% of its gross assets in any company that itself may invest more than 15% in UK listed investment companies; it may use short-term borrowing to increase return and operate within a range of 85% to 112.5% invested.

By investing in JPMorgan Funds- Sterling Managed Reserve Funds, the Managed Cash option aims to achieve higher return than Sterling Money and it do not have any benchmark but must maintain the Net Asset Value (NAV) as close to 100p per share. Its investment policy aims to maintain maximum of 35% in any one issuer of Transferable securities and money market instrument issued or guaranteed by a sovereign nation, maximum of 25% in any one issuer of bonds issued by an EU credit institution,  maximum of 10% in any one issuer of other transferable securities and money market instrument and maximum of 20% in any one issuer of any one Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) fund or Undertakings for Collective Investments (UCI) fund.

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