BMO Global Smaller Companies PLC (LON:BGSC)


Established in 1964, BMO Global Smaller Companies PLC, a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, is an investment trust that offers investments to smaller companies globally. The trust provides global smaller companies portfolio to its clients. The portfolio includes individual smaller company investments in the Europe, US, and the UK market, it also include fund holdings targeting smaller companies in Japan, Asia, Latin America and other smaller territories.

The trust’s objective is to achieve high total return by investing in smaller companies globally; it is from the very few trusts which offer access to investors to global smaller companies’ portfolio. The trust focuses on fundamental analysis of the opportunities in different markets including the UK and Continental European, and North American stock markets. The trust is working with their team on individual companies and evaluates the strategy of growth, quality of management, and their position in their targeted markets. The trust analyzes every aspect of an individual company including their cash flow, financial strength to know about their flexibility of funding options.

The trust’s aim to invest in high-quality companies, which give strong return with minimum risk at attractive prices. The trust helps its client by reducing the risk related with smaller companies by detailed analysis of a company including its financial strength, growth, quality, cash flow, position in targeted market, and by investing with large number of stocks different sectors and in various geographic areas. The trust helps its clients by offering various plans which are designed to meet their different investment goals.

Contact Information

company address BMO Global Smaller Companies PLC Exchange House, Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2NY, United Kingdom

company phone0345 600 3030


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