Broadcom Inc (NYSE:AVGO)

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Broadcom Inc (NYSE:AVGO) is an American company that deals in infrastructure software solutions.

The firm is domiciled in San Jose, California.

The technology company was founded by Henry Nicholas and Henry Samuel in 1961.

In 2014, the company acquired LSI Corporation that previously acquired Agere in 2007.

LSI Corporation was a maker of chips used in hard drives and DVD recorders. Prior to the acquisition LSI Corporation was known as LSI Logic Corporation.

Broadcom claims to operate in the infrastructure technology for more than 50 years. It focuses on collaboration, engineered excellence and innovation.

Broadcom Inc develops, designs, and markets analog and digital semiconductors. They offer storage adapters, wireless RF components, networking processors, controllers, fiber optic module, switches, optical sensors, and module control encoders.

Broadcom Inc has a global presence and operates with a combination of various industry leaders like LSI, Brocade, Symantec, and CA Technologies.

The company has a broad product portfolio and delivers infrastructure software solutions and semiconductors. The firm’s stocks are listed on the NASDAQ, where its common stocks are traded under the symbol of ‘AVGO’.

It provides various solutions like enterprise security, mainframe solution, Symantec security solution, enterprise software solution, industrial and automotive, wireless and mobile communication solutions.

The company also design Wi-Fi 6E Ecosystem Solutions, framework solutions, enterprise solution security, data center solution, motor drive and control solutions.

Broadcom Inc says it product offerings include subminiature lamps, surface Mount PLCC LEDs, Standard Brightness LEDs, smart Alphanumeric displays, and LED bright bars.

Some of its latest products include semiconductors are 283QT, AFCD-V84LP, and BCM87842.

It provides a highly complex system-on-a-chip ASICs that are customizable in nature so at to meet the requirements of the customers.

ASICs involves CMOS process nodes that is considered to be a leading edge. It also consists of high-speed memory integration. The firm says that its ASICs provides an advantage for networking, high speed computing and storage applications.

It markets the products through a network of authorized partners and distributors. Furthermore, the US-based firm operates through various subsidiaries such as CA Technologies, LSI Corporation, Emulex, Agron design Limited, Bay Dynamics, CyOptics Inc, and Nemicon Corporation.

Contact Information

company address 1320 Ridder Park Drive San Jose, CA 95131 United States.

company phone1-408 433 8000


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