Founded in 2008, UK-based Naked Wine plc is a fully digital wine retail business that connects winemakers to wine lovers, benefitting both the parties of the value chain. The company aims to disrupt the wine industry by creating a community of wine customers and giving them the full experience with best wines at affordable price and as a result create a virtuous circle where both the parties are benefited bringing new dimension to the entire wine industry.  The company is crowd funded by its customers and together they support independent wine producers who can make wine at affordable prices and pass that price to its wine customers. The company has a fast growing and loyal customer base in its three primary markets, the UK, the US and Australia, that supports more than 230 independent winemakers and produces more than 1,000 wines across 21 countries.

The problem with the traditional model of wine industry was that the winemakers, had to invest in grapes, manufacture their products, bottles, labels and then market it, before they get paid and the small wine manufacturers were forced to reduce cost which affected their profit margin and as a result the quality of wine was sacrificed. Here comes Naked Wine plc. The company funds the winemakers before they start and help them with everything, they need for production of good quality wine.  The company maintains long-term sustainable relationship with winemakers, customers (angels), marketing partners and distribution partners, which creates a finely balanced ecosystem.

The US market is the major contributor to the revenue of the company. In 2020, the US market contributed US$20.0 billion, UK market contributed £2.0 billion and Australia market contributed US$2.0 billion. Its subsidiaries include Naked Wines International and Inc.

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company address NAKED WINES PLC Norvic House, Chapelfield Road, Norwich, NR2 1RP, United Kingdom

company phone01603 281 800

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