Founded in 1993, Victrex is a UK-based high-performance polymer solution and the leading PEEK (polyetheretherketone) experts, serving a diverse range of market.  Polytheretherketone (PEEK) is a high-performance polymer that is used by many major sectors to replace metal. Victrex is engaged in the production of polymer that is based on PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and PAEK (polyaryletherketones). PEEK was first developed by ICI in 1970s and is the part of PAEK. These polymer solutions are durable, lightweight, high strength, high reliability, and energy efficient that make it preferable for increasing range of products and applications.

Victrex products support global causes like CO2 reduction, less carbon emission and have recyclability potential.  Victrex solutions are used by major sectors like aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, manufacturing & engineering and medical. It sells its product and services in more than 40 countries and have technical centers in the UK, China, and Japan. There are three regional offices in the US, Germany, and Korea.  With the motive to create value for its shareholders and bringing social and environmental benefit, Victex is moving towards semi-finished and finished products that can fulfill the future needs of its customers and markets.

Victex’s long-term goal is to continuously look for the opportunities and new applications in the PEEK and PAEK polymer space to develop new polymer grades and products that can bring transformational solutions for its market, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and other stakeholders, and stands out from its competitors.

Victex core business segments include Victrex polymer solutions and Invibio Biomaterial solutions. The Victex polymer solution is engaged in delivering design and engineering solutions to the manufacturers. It serves sectors like aerospace, automotive, electronic, and energy with its solutions. The Invibio biomaterial solution segment partners with medical manufacturers and surgeons that provide leading biomaterial solutions and innovative medical devices.

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