Ricoh Company is a Japanese company that deals in imaging and electronics, which was founded in 1936 by Kiyoshi Ichimura. Headquartered in Tokyo, company has presence in over 200 countries with various tie-ups and sales offices. The company comes under technology sector, and the sub-sector is tech hardware and semiconductors industry. The company initially started as a copier and printer manufacturer and eventually diversified into other businesses. Through a perfect mix of engineering, quality products and reach, Ricoh aims to capture the market with its technology. Their printers, copiers and fax machines kickstarted the age of office automation and gradually become the leader in this sector. The company now covers healthcare, higher education, and financial services. Its subsidiaries are Docu Ware, Ricoh Canada, Rico, Savin, Rico Hong Kong Limited, Ricoh Electronics, Avanti etc.

It operates in segments like office services, office printing, thermal, commercial printing. Office printing segment provides printers, copies for offices, multifunction devices. Whereas the office services, includes network communication support, infrastructure construction, visual communication products. Commercial printing includes maintenance services and digital printing products. Industrial printing segment sells and manufacturers inkjet inks, industrial printers, and inkjet head. Thermal sections include thermal transfer ribbons and papers.

The company aims to provide excellence that would help to make people’s life better and sustain the resources of the planet. Ricoh Co is also actively towards bringing innovation in their workspace, which could save time and will be more advanced in nature. The company recently ventured into the health care market and has expertise in IT management and documentation.

Contact Information

company address Ricoh Building, 8-13-1 Ginza, Cho-ku, Tokyo, 104-8222, Japan

company phone 01604 814900


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