Quantum Blockchain Technologies PLC (LON:QBT)


Founded in 2000, Quantum Blockchain Technologies Plc, which was formerly known as Clear Leisure Plc, is an investment company with its focus on technology sector. The company was trading as Clear Leisure Plc (LON: CLP) till 6 May 2021. The company is engaged in identifying and developing the new and turbulent approach to blockchain technology and aggressively invests in R&D and other investments programme in the Blockchain Technology ecosystem, which includes cryptocurrencies mining and other high-tech applications. Its main motive is to bring the most advanced techniques and functions, quantum computing technologies and AI deep learning and build a comprehensive ecosystem based on them. The company’s main focus is to identify the most innovative start-ups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to coordinate and exploit synergies between in-house projects and investments.


The company also acts as investment manager for venture capital funds and invests directly and acquires potential businesses, assets, and projects in the technology sector. Its investment focus area is Europe and investments with high return and value outside Europe are being considered by the company board. It mainly invests in target businesses at all stages of development and unlisted companies. However, listed companies are considered from time to time on a selective basis for medium and long term.


The AIM-listed company’s investments include ForCrowd, Geosim, PBV Monitor and others.  ForCrowd or ForCrowd Srl has 20% interest of the company since October 2019. It is an Italian equity crowdfunding platform focused on small/medium companies, which was launched in December 2019. For Finanza d’Impresa e Management Srl is the main shareholder of ForCrowd, it is a Milan-based financial and management consulting company. Geosim System Ltd has 4.53% stakes in the company. It is an Israel-based company, whose objective is to be the world’s leader in building complete and photorealistic 3D virtual cities and offers them through the internet for use in real estate, homeland security, tourism, entertainment, local searches, and city planning.

PBV Monitor Srl’s 10% stakes is owned by the company since December 2018. It is an Italian-based company engaged in the acquisition and dissemination of data for the legal services industry alongwith market intelligence tools. The company’s historic assets include Sipiem SpA, which was acquired in 2019, and has 50.17% stakes in the company. Mediapolis Srl’s 84.04% stakes in the company and is currently in insolvency procedure.

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company address Quantum Blockchain Technologies PLC

company phone+44207 421 9425

company websitehttps://quantumblockchaintechnologies.co.uk/

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