Founded in 1960s, Photo-me International Plc is the UK-Based business that is engaged in operates, sells and services a wide range of instant service vending equipment, it operates in 17 countries that includes Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, UK and Vietnam and has around 44,500 vending unit. The group’s shares got fully listed in 1962 on the London Stock Exchange as LON: PHTM. The group acquired Sempa in 2019 with the motive to enter in the self-service fresh fruit juice equipment market. It also operates vending equipments such as business service equipment, children’s rides and amusement machines. The group’s equipment are majorly located in the high populated areas such as supermarkets, public transport and shopping malls, these sites are operated and maintained by the group. It tries to maintain strong relationship with these site owners and pays them commission based on the turnover, location, and country.

The group aims to provide shareholders with high value and return by investing in developing new and innovative products and technology that can deliver high return in short period and which can be rapidly deployed and expanding the number of units in operation and enhance the yield per unit with low cost.

The group operates through its three business areas that include: Identification, Laundry and Kiosks. The Identification business segment offers leading and quality photobooth services and technology that is connected via a sophisticated remote monitoring telemetry system, through it’s over 27,000 photobooths located across its operating areas and leading brands such as Nippon Auto Photo, Photo-Me, Foto-Ja!, Photomaton, PRONTO PHOT, FOTO.FIX and ProntoPhot. Its ID Photos are compliant with International Standards Organisation (ISO) AND International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Further, it also provides secure integrated solutions such as 3D facial image capture, secure and direct transfer of data and biometric data capture services to the government, its solution have been deployed by the government of France, China, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Georgia and Japan.

The laundry business operates through more than 5,560 owned, sold and acquired laundry units in 12 countries, it operates through three key segments that include Revolution Unattended Laundry services, Self-service launderette shops and B2B laundry Operations. The group owns more than 3,400 self-revolution units across France, UK, Ireland, Belgium, and Portugal that can be accessed any time in a day and are located on high footfall areas, the Self-service Launderette shops are located in the near town centers across France, UK, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal. The B2B Laundry operations are engaged in distribution and leasing of laundry and catering equipments to hospitals, universities and care homes located across UK and Spain. 

The Kiosks business offers innovative SpeedLab Cube and SpeedLab Bio equipments, over 5,300 printing kiosks are positioned across Europe, primarily in Japan, UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Switzerland.   

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