PayPoint Group PLC is a UK-based company that provides online and digital payment solutions and services to consumers, retailers and businesses. It was founded in the year 1996 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange publicly. It has many subsidiaries, including Handepay Ltd., Drop and Collect Ltd., i-movo Limited, PayPoint Collections Limited, Paypoint Retail Solutions Limited, PayPoint Payment Services Limited etc. It has 27,700 retail stores in the UK, including Tesco, Asda, The Co-operative Group, Nisa, Costcutter and others. It also has a network of 3,620 ATMs.  The company has approximately 300 clients in the United Kingdom, which covers retailers, transportation companies, utility firms, government bodies, and others.

The company is committed to maximise the risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders including retailers, consumers, shareholders, as well as local communities, while fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. Its focus is to provide payment services to customers as well as businesses, and improve their operational efficiency and convenience, with minimum need for investment in capital. PayPoint One is the retail service provider platform of the company, which offers payment services to convenience stores, making the company the largest provider of EPoS technology in the UK market of retail stores. The services related to card payments are offered by PayPoint One across a range of sectors, which include hospitality, food, garage, and others. The network of retail partners of PayPoint is so huge and strong that around 99.5% of the population in urban areas and 98.3% population in rural areas is living at a distance of just 1 to 5 miles from a PayPoint retailer.


MultiPay is the omni-channel of the company, which integrated the different payment methods to create a seamless experience for customers and enhances the flexibility of making payments. These payment solutions and services help the customers in managing their finances digitally, making payments with ease using eMoney or cash withdrawal.


PayPoint PLC is a customer-centric company, which promotes a culture of transparency, accountability, and innovation. The company follows a well-defined corporate governance framework and aligns itself with the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018. It upholds an ethical code of conducts for running its business operations. It has strict policies related to board diversity, remuneration, audit, tax, modern slavery, and human rights etc. The company strives to work on sustainable business solutions and recycling which help in reducing its environmental footprint and create a low carbon economy.

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company address PayPoint Plc Unit 1, The Boulevard WELWYN GARDEN CITY AL7 1EL United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 845 760 0633

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