Kosmos Energy Ltd (LON:KOS)

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Dallas (US)-based Kosmos Energy Ltd is an independent oil and gas investigation and creation organisation with its focus on the Atlantic Margin. It is a leading deepwater exploration, which centres around field advancements intended to speed up creation. Its core strategy is to create sustainable value for its stakeholders, shareholders by adding value to its products. 

Kosmos's investigation has adopted a topographical-based methodology intended for the recognisable proof of oil frameworks. It discovered the Jubilee oil field near Ghana and the crossline Tortue gas field in Mauritania and Senegal. It was recently associated with exploration in Morocco and Western Sahara. The company has its ordinary shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Its resources incorporate existing creation and improvement projects offshore Ghana, Equatorial Guinea. It is associated with the United States Gulf of Mexico disclosures, and future discoveries in Mauritania and Senegal. It also has licences to explore hydrocarbon reserves in Sao Tome and Principe, Suriname, Morocco, and Western Sahara. Its interaction begins with geologic investigations that evaluate a locale's subsurface and basin restructuring just as methods to distinguish repository/seal pair improvement and trap definition. Also, a 3D seismic exploration is done to recognise forthcoming opportunities for revenue. Coupled with the subsurface investigation, a country-explicit examination is done to comprehend over-the-ground elements before focusing on explicit licenses.

The company has prospective exploration projects in Africa and South America. The West Cape Three Points (WCTP) block and Deepwater Tano block are situated inside the Tano Basin, seaward Ghana. The Tano Basin addresses the eastern expansion of the Deep Ivorian Basin, which came about because of the improvement of an extensional sedimentary bowl brought about by tensional powers related to the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. Kosmos focuses around exploration and investigation in specific sites, for example, the Gulf of Mexico and Rio Muni bowl offshore Equatorial Guinea, where revelations can be tied back to existing projects and undertakings all the more rapidly, at a lower cost and with a lower carbon waste. 

Contact Information

company address Kosmos Energy Ltd. C/O Kosmos Energy LLC 8176 Park Lane, Suite 500 Dallas, Texas 75231

company phone+1 214 445 9600

company websitehttp://www.kosmosenergy.com/

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