Founded in 1996, Immotion Group Plc, formerly Immotion Group Ltd, is a UK-based virtual reality (VR) cinema pods and other VR game platform developer. The group has a strong team of writers, producers, directors, strategists and marketing experts that aims to bring cutting edge of technology, animation and virtual reality for creating high quality content for every kind of experience. It aims to become a market leader in the western market sector of the “Out of Home” virtual reality market to generate high revenue from a large installed base of Virtual reality (VR) headsets across partner’s sites and through Immotion VR experience centers.   The group’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON: IMMO.

The group offers a three core solutions that include Edutainment, Entertainment and in home entertainment. The Edutainment solutions offers both education and entertainment through its virtual reality solutions for Zoos and aquarium, that features live action and animated content guided by marine biologist and wildlife experts. Its offerings are backed by the Turnkey solutions.

The Entertainment solutions offers a State-of-the-art motion platform for entertainment, it delivers mind-blowing unforgettable live action and animated content through its fully themed turnkey solutions to create environment and thrilling experience.

The In-Home Solutions offer a mind-blowing live action and animated content within the home with an aim to bring virtual reality underwater experience closer to ocean enthusiasts.

The Turnkey solutions offer mind-blowing live action fully-themed environment and animated content to enhance the experience of customers. It offers 4 seat VR theaters with touch screen control and are easily operated by the single attendant, 12+ Seat Theater which are operated in fixed schedule or on attendance based model and its experience centers that has 24 to 48 seats and offers touch screen educational content, live on-line experience and much more. The group offers a range of products such as VX1, VX2, VX3, CX 1Racer, EX1, GX1, GX2 and VX6 Multiplayer.

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company address The Victoria, Media City M50 3SP United Kingdom

company phone+44.161.2358505

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