DP Aircraft I Limited (LON:DPA)


Founded in 2013, DP Aircraft is a holding company which makes investments in aircrafts with the help of its subsidiaries with its base in Guernsey. It leases aircraft and sells them to earn profits.  Its subsidiaries are: DP Aircraft Guernsey I Limited, DP Aircraft Guernsey III Limited, DP Aircraft Guernsey II Limited,  and DP Aircraft Guernsey IV . The company comes listed under the rental and leasing industry.

The company has two Boeing which is 787 and 788 aircraft, both of them are on a lease (long-term) with the Thai Airways International. These Boeings are mid-sized aircrafts which can accommodate a large number of passengers. The shareholders receive the revenue from the sale of company assets and surplus assets available. There is a low-cost airline functioning in Europe to North America, Middle East and Asia this airline is known as Norwegian Air Shuttle. It has been able to collect a revenue of above NOK 40,266 million. The profits have been increasing with passing years.

The company pays the dividends as scheduled which is 15 dividends of 2.25 cents each. The dividends are paid in the months of February, May, August and November every year. The target dividends that the company pays should not be considered as a guarantee of performance or an assurance rather it is just a target.

The company has hired DS Aviation GmbH & Co. KG to offer asset management services to it. DS Aviation is a German limited partnership, whose headquarters are at Stockholmer, Germany.

Contact Information

company address DP Aircraft I Limited East Wing, Trafalgar Court, Les Banques SAINT PETER PORT GY1 3PP Guernsey GGY

company phone+44 1 481749700

company websitehttp://www.dpaircraft.com

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