BSF Enterprise PLC (LON:BSFA)


BSF Enterprise is a London-based company, which provides investment services to the companies in technology and marketing sectors. Founded in 2018, the company is listed on London Stock Exchange and has been created to look into the firms that focuses on trade innovation, data analysis and technology in an attempt to serve its customer base, especially in the UK and China, with development of specific brands, products, and services. In particular, the company’s initial focus at present is to segregate acquisition opportunities, where companies having innovative marketing solutions, technology, marketing strategy will be considered. 

The main purpose of the company is to acquire and raise capital for the funding of working capital for its client companies in China, the UK, as well as newer markets such as Europe and the US. Some of the prominent shareholders of this company are Shi Ming Chen, Qi Sai, Trade Hero Holdings Limited. At present, the company has no representative track record or operating history.

In July 2020, BSF Enterprise acquired companies in the biotechnology and life science sector in a bid to explore the healthcare market. Besides this, the company is also keen on participating in upliftment of local communities by providing necessary services and employment solutions.

Contact Information

company address 3 More London Riverside 1stfloor  London, SE1 2RE United Kingdom

company phone44-20320-834-59


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