Founded in 1988, Blackrock World Mining Trust is a UK-based investment trust that focuses on investing in mining and metal assets around the world. The company employs more than 3,300 people in UK and Ireland and aims to invest the hard-earned saving of people and institute in the diversified portfolio of mainly quoted securities of mining and metals to maximize the total return with low risk/volatility. According to its investment policy it invests in royalties derived from the production of metal and minerals and in physical metals, the company can invest up to 10% of gross assets in physical metals and up to 20% in unquoted securities. The company serves Individuals and families, financial advisors, Education and non-profile organizations, pension plans, insurance companies and government in UK.

The company provides a range of investment products through two main division: Investment style and Asset Class. Investment style includes Active funds, Index funds, Unit trusts, offshore funds and iShares ETFs. By Asset class it invests in Cash, Commodity, Equity, Fixed income, Multi asset and real estate. The company invests through six investment themes that include Uncovering emerging markets, big data, bonds, equities, multi-asset, and real estates. Uncovering emerging market theme invests in emerging markets in the world with higher investment risk, high volatility, and greater opportunities.  The company invests in bonds to generate fixed income that can help to adapt changing environment. The trust invests in equity funds to receive capital gain and dividend and offers a range of unit trust and investment trust focused on equity investing that are grouped according to geographies, it includes Asia equity funds, Emerging market equity funds, European equity funds, Global equity funds, UK equity funds and US equity funds. Multi-asset funds invest in the range of equities, bonds, and cash to diversify portfolio, risk and volatility that are spread over range of styles, sectors, region, and strategies. Real Estate is a fast-growing segment of the alternative investment market, which covers a few property types and includes hedge funds and private equity. Blackrock’s systematic active equity (SAE) creates algorithms from big data to select stocks.

The group’s ishare platform aims to deliver quality Exchange traded funds (ETF) and solutions according to investor’s financial needs. Financial Market Advisory is a group’s platform which provides dedicated support to government, central banks, financial institution since its establishment during the financial crisis in April 2008. Aladdin by Blackrock powers the shift to sustainable investing to make investors understand ESG and climate change.

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company address 12 Throgmorton Avenue EC2N 2DL United Kingdom

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