Goodwood Capital Limited (NZX:GWC)


Goodwood Capital Limited (NZX:GWC) is a listed company which was earlier known as Snakk Media Limited.

Headquartered in Auckland, Goodwood Capital was launched by Derek Graham Handley and Andrew Jacobs in 2010.

The Company is engaged in building mobile marketing campaigns and offers solutions related to mobile media. It focuses on working with various brands, agencies, etc., to look for its customers, who are involved in gaming and social media platforms on smart devices like tablets, smartphones, and smart screens, etc.

In October 2020, the Company was restored from liquidation and appointed new directors on its Board. The new Board initiated the transfer of the Company’s share registry to Link Market Services Limited from Computershare Investor Services Limited. The process was completed in November 2020.

The Company experienced a loss after taxation of about NZ$300,000 for FY21.

The Board is now focusing on investing or acquiring a suitable business opportunity through a reverse takeover transaction. Several discussions are being held for the said purpose.

The new business thus acquired would become a subsidiary of GWC.

Contact Information:

 Sean Joyce PO Box 105 745, Auckland 1143

 +64 21 865 704

 [email protected]

Contact Information

company address Sean Joyce PO Box 105 745, Auckland 1143

company phone+64 21 865 704

company website[email protected]

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