Jemtec Inc. (TSX:JTC)


Jemtec Inc is a hardware company that focuses on providing services and technologies for offender monitoring. It offers alcohol detection, positioning systems, voice verification technologies, and electronic monitoring services. Most of the revenue comes from inactivation, leasing, bail, and monitoring forms. 

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jemtec Inc is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange market (TSXV), where its common stocks trade under the ticker ‘JTC’. 
For more than 30 years, the company has served as a full-service provider of electronic monitoring solutions in Canadian communities. For the largest government agencies in Canada which monitor hundreds of supervised offenders and for individual monitoring plans, Jemtec provides customized solutions that are fully paid by private funds. 

It provides various services including equipment, training, monitoring, and alert management to numerous provincial and federal agencies and provides in-home equipment installation and service calls if required. 
Its solutions generally focus on monitoring individuals throughout the country through various options, including radiofrequency monitoring, alcohol monitoring, GPS tracking, and biometric authentication (voice verification, facial recognition, and digital fingerprinting). 

Other than technology, it serves customers requiring other important services such as updates on emerging technologies, specialized reports for the courts, alert response protocols, system optimization, and migrations to new systems for supporting their programs. 

Provincial correctional service agencies are responsible for supervising convicted offenders who are directed by the court to serve probation or conditional sentences across Canada. In other cases, convicted offenders serve their time in jail but they can get permission to be released early on parole or get temporarily released for short periods. 

To manage these cases, Jemtec has to supervise these offenders in the community while ensuring the public’s safety. Electronic monitoring is helping agencies by providing them with tools to fulfill the challenges of their important roles. 

Jemtec offers electronic monitoring solutions to the Canada Border Security Agency for cases that allow Federal Immigration Officers to supervise strict conditions for released persons. 

Contact Information

company address Sales & Head Office Suite 200-38 Fell Avenue N. Vancouver, British Columbia V7P 3S2

company phone604 929-4559

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