Blackline Safety Corp. (TSXV:BLN)


Blackline Safety Corp (TSX:BLN) provides connected safety monitoring devices and solutions to different industries. Its clientele base includes customers engaged in utilities and public works, oil and gas, engineering and construction, healthcare, biotech and pharma, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, natural resources and government.

Blackline’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) devices and software-as-a-service (SAAS) are used by enterprises in more than 50 countries to monitor their workers around the world.

The company claims to provide 4G connectivity that reaches more than 100 countries with roaming on more than 350 mobiles networks.

The safety monitoring devices enables employers to keep a track of their workers in real time, the firm claims.

It also developed contact monitoring system amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The G7 wearable technology of Blackline Safety allows gas detection and area monitoring solutions that includes:
• entry in confined spaces
• emergency response
• lone worker monitoring
• evacuation management

The company claims to have first mover advantage since through its unique product line.

The connected safety company covers the safety of workers and facilities through its 4-G connected wearable technology and area monitoring system.

Its Cloud connected gas detection products include:
• G7 EXO Area Gas Monitor: A direct-to-cloud connected area monitor with integrated 4G communications.
• G7c Personal Gas Monitors: Direct-to-cloud 4G connected personal gas monitor.
• Leading Gas sensors: plug and play gas sensors which can be configured with G7 wearables and G7 EXO
• LEL-MPS Sensor: Prevents pellistor poisoning with a new MPS technology from NevadaNano.
• G7 Dock: Automatically test bumps and supports calibration and compliance reporting through cloud connectivity.
• G7 Personal Gas Monitors: Provides last-mile safety monitoring, personal gas detection and satellite connectivity.

Blackline Safely also offers cloud-based hosting services like automatic configuration management, automatic regulatory gas detection compliance, and analytics interactive reporting.

Its list of solutions include:
• Blackline Live Portal: cloud-hosted user portal for configuration and emergency response management.
• 24/7 live monitoring: 24/7 operations center services and team monitoring cloud-based software
• Industrial Contact tracing: latest innovation to track contact during business operations.
• Regulatory Compliance: Visual reporting of regulatory gas detection compliance.
• Location technology: GPS, GNSS and beacon location technology

The safety monitoring company also caters to the needs of small and medium scale enterprises by providing lone worker wearables and smartphone apps.

Contact Information

company address Blackline Safety Corp. Unit 100 803 24 Avenue SE Calgary, AB Canada T2G 1P5

company phone1-877-869-7212

company email[email protected]

company website

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