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ASX-listed clinical-stage oncology firm Prescient Therapeutics Limited (ASX:PTX) is focused on the development of revolutionary personalised therapies for challenging cancers having unmet medical need. Prescient’s key programs are universal CAR-T and targeted therapies. Both approaches seek to improve patient outcomes and develop new tools for clinicians to combat cancer.

Notably, Prescient Therapeutics is backed by a leading team of global cancer specialists who hold extensive experience in advancing new cancer therapies.

Prescient has a comprehensive product pipeline of personalised cancer treatments for several different cancers:

Source: PTX Website

CAR-T therapies include OmniCAR and Cell Therapy Enhancement Programs

OmniCAR program: Prescient’s universal CAR-T platform, OmniCAR, employs technology that is licensed from the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University.

PTX’s pioneering OmniCAR program will allow unprecedented control and flexibility over the current generation CAR-T methods.

Interestingly, Prescient has announced three next-generation OmniCAR programs for AML, Her2+ solid tumours and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). PTX has also entered into a new research agreement with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to advance its CAR-T programs.

Cell Therapy Enhancements (CTE): Prescient’s CTE programs are progressing well with initial promising findings. Two CTE programs are underway with Peter MacCallum and Carina Biotech, respectively.

Targeted Therapies - PTX-100 and PTX-200  

PTX-100 is a first in class RhoA inhibitor and can block GGT-1 (geranylgeranyl transferase-1), a crucial cancer growth enzyme.

  • Currently, the compound is in a PK/PD basket study to treat hematological and solid cancers, focusing on malignancies with Ras and RhoA mutations.
  • In an earlier Phase 1 trial for advanced solid tumours, PTX-100 achieved stable disease and was well tolerated.

PTX-200, a novel PH domain inhibitor, blocks Akt pathway. Akt plays a vital role in the development of numerous malignancies, including breast and ovarian cancer and leukemia.  

  • PTX-200 has a unique mechanism of particularly inhibiting the Akt pathway in a comparatively safe manner, unlike other drugs targeting Akt inhibition.
  • PTX-200 has previously reported promising data in Phase 2a study for HER2-negative breast cancer and Phase 1b trial in ovarian cancer (recurrent or persistent platinum-resistant).
  • Currently, Prescient is assessing PTX-200 in relapsed and refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Contact Information

company address Level 4, 100 Albert Road, SOUTH MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3205

company phone(03) 9692 7222

company email[email protected]

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